7 Links of One Year Journey – with Desktop Virtualization

I’m not going to write or show something very new here. The reading of below combined links will be a good recap of several articles on Sysprobs.com for last one year.

If you have subscribed or become a regular reader of this blog, then I highly recommend to check few links on what you can and can’t do with desktop virtualization.

I got this idea from problogger site, the famous blog for bloggers.

Here are the topics and links

1) My First Post
Network slow in Vista , published on June 2009. I didn’t start this blog with wordpress initially. So, first post format and fonts will be different. The mentioned method to fix windows vista network slowness is really helpful.Desktop Virtualization

2) A post I enjoyed writing the most

How Install Mac Snow Leopard on VirtualBox 3.2 in Non Apple, Intel PC, first of all, I was so  happy and excited to see this method working on my Intel computer. Explaining each steps and fixing some post installation configurations made me happy writing this post.

3) A post which had a great discussion

How to Install Mac OS X 10.5.5 Leopard on VirtualBox 3.1.4, The ‘famous articles’ on right sidebar sorted by number of comments. Yes, this post is having more comments as on today. Total 146 comments (Ping backs also included)

4) A post on someone else’s blog that I wish I’d written

How to Install Snow Leopard on VirtualBox, This post is on top Google search result.  Even though most of the users complained on this method, still I wish I would have written. I learned and prepared for my next post from above link, credits should go to above article.

5) My most helpful post

FreeNAS Server on VMware Workstation with iSCSI Disks, This post helps to create a Network Access Storage (NAS) on a local computer without additional hardware or networking. It is an ideal method for learning purpose.

Desktop Virtualization

6) A post with a title that I’m proud of

Setup MS 2008 R2 Failover Cluster on PC with VMware Workstation, Installing and configuring 2008 R2 failover cluster without proper environment is a very difficult job. You need real server hardware, NAS and networking to archive this. But the above post shows how to do it on single computer with desktop virtualization. I feel proud of the title and especially some great comments in Microsoft blogs and community.

7) A post that I wish more people had read

Setup and Test VirtualBox Teleportation in Normal PC- Live Migration of Virtual Machines, this is a nice feature in VirtualBox, I spent more time on testing with two physical computers. Above one goes under I wish more people had read.

I’m sure this will be a good collection of posts you should not miss. More useful articles available here.

Enjoy the reading and don’t forget to drop a comment about these links collection. Have you subscribed to sysprobs?