9 Windows Vista Features Make Vista Slow

Windows Vista features

Windows Vista FeaturesWindows Vista features came with it make the OS really slow and became reason for Vista failure. Even after releasing of Windows 7, I’m sure this article will be useful for Windows Vista users to understand the problem.
Here are the some Windows Vista Features you have consider to improve the speed of Windows Vista, and create a good user experience.

Most of the Windows Vista features made for improve user experience, performance and appearance of personal computer.  Vista got lot of new features than Windows XP. But due to the hardware requirements and 3rd party programs and drivers’ issues, most of the windows vista features failed and became the reasons for Vista slowness.

Find out the Windows Vista Features I feel make it slow in real world.

9 Windows Vista Features

1)    Windows Vista Appearance

Windows Vista FeaturesWindows Vista appearance totally changed from Windows XP, its nice color scheme, shadow system, and high graphical menus, desktop, icons and lot more in Vista appearance. These new features in Windows Vista appearance work better with high performance processor with more RAM and dedicated display card memory.  If the computer which is running windows vista has basic configuration, then these windows vista appearance definitely make vista slow.


2)    Windows Vista Aero 

Windows Vista FeaturesAero experience is part of Windows vista appearance, but since it plays major role in performance and appearance of vista computer, I separated Windows vista as a factor of making vista slow.  It depends whether you are an appearance or performance lover.  I feel aero will work nicely without effecting OS and other software performance if you have minimum 2.2GHz Core to duo or more, 3GB RAM or more and 512MB dedicated display memory with nVidia or ATI display card. Otherwise, when you run more programs at a time in windows vista, you can see your programs and as well as aero experience will struggle to performance in better way. Therefore, I’m sure windows vista aero also one of the reason for Windows vista slowness. 

3)    Windows Sidebar

sidebarAccording to me, this is another failure feature in windows vista which consumes lot of memory, processor and even network activity. Check this post about why and how to disable Sidebar in Windows Vista



4)    Networking Features- Autotuning

Windows Vista FeaturesNetworking is another major factor to decide the speed of a computer.  Most of the time a computer should be connected in office network or home network or internet. Therefore, I consider networking here. Windows Vista came with network additional features to work better with IPV6, and latest windows server and client operating systems, but still there are lots of old servers and client operating system computers available in existing network, so particular new network feature in vista failed to performance better, and made network slow. Autotuning is one of new network feature came with windows vista, when it’s enabled (by default), windows vista computer will be slow in resolving DNS lookup and accessing and transferring data over the network.  

5)    Networking Features- RDC

Windows Vista FeatureRemote Differential Compression (RDC) is a new feature in vista, made for transfer data over the network with compressed format to use minimal bandwidth. But unfortunately all devices and operating systems (which came before Windows Vista) do not support this feature; there for this Remote Differential Compression (RDC) feature will slow down your data transfer over the network with Windows vista.


6)    Windows Defender

Windows Vista FeatureYou may be against this factor, but still I have valuable reasons. Windows defender makes vista slow when you run it with other third party spyware and malware software.  Most of the people do not trust Microsoft product windows defender as their anti spyware and malware software, so third party software products which mostly come with antivirus protection from Norton, MacAfee, AVG and Kaspersky fulfill their requirements. Meanwhile they do not disable the windows defender also. Finally, minimum two spyware and malware software will be running in windows vista computer in same time, and once scanning started it makes the windows vista real slow. 

7)    Windows Vista Search Index

Windows Vista FeatureWindows vista got built in search feature to speed up the search results. It works with caching technology. In earlier operating systems, for example in Windows XP, search will be done in real time at all location of your devices. That is the reason for slowness of search in Windows XP. But windows Vista works from the cache search already cached from all of your data automatically in background. Even though this method helps to improve the search speed result, search index service will be running in your vista computer all the time and monitor all files and folders for any changes. In the low configuration computers this process consumes more resources. If you are already using or fan of any third party search programs like Avafind, then both search programs will be slow down your Vista computer. 

8)    Windows Vista UAC

Vista FeaturesUser Access Control (UAC) in windows vista. UAC introduced to control and prevent administration tasks and systems related settings.  But it pops up for almost all basic system settings which started annoying users. Because of it is popping up every time, and you have to press continue or give administrator password, I’m considering this as one of the Windows vista feature for slowness. I have noticed sometimes vista computer stuck or no response when UAC prompted.
Read more about UAC in Windows vista and Windows 7


9)     Offline Files

Vista FeaturesI face this problem in real environment with windows Vista.  Normally, all files and folders should synchronize with the network location and local computer if synchronization is setup by you or network policies. The two network features I mentioned in earlier two points (4th and 5th) are main reasons for slow down offline files in vista. Looking for the network location and copying data over network will be slow in vista till you fix the two network features mentioned in 4 and 5 bullets. So when offline files are being copied, it slows down network performance of other programs. Some time it will take lots of time to open even a small excel file from network location.



Lets see what Microsoft is telling about windows vista features 

I will be updating an article to fix all above vista features and make Windows vista faster and faster. Keep reading sysprobs.com