Best and Free MKV to DVD Converter for Windows 7 – Download Now

Nowadays most of the high quality videos are available in MKV format on internet to download. Playing them in computer is not a problem, most of the media players do the job perfectly. How about playing MKV files in DVD players?. Some latest DVD players which have USB support can play this format, but most of them are not. Here is the best and free MKV to DVD converter for Windows 7, XP and Vista. You can use this program to convert MKV to AVI or DVD and AVI to MKV.

I’m sharing this here after tried several similar converter softwares. I found following major drawbacks in earlier programs.

1) Not completely free (may be 30 days trial or some limitations)

2) So many video and audio codec needed to be installed in OS.

3) Difficult to use and not very user friendly.

4) Conversation took longer time ( 2 to 3 hours) to convert MKV to DVD compared to this free program (30 to 40min) I recommend here.


The best and free MKV to DVD converter software name is Freemake Video Converter which can be downloaded here. It is just a 15MB exe file needed to be installed.

Make sure your computer is having Microsoft .NET Framework 4 client package already installed or internet access to download it during the installation.

Here is the direct download link for Standalone Microsoft .NET Framework 4 client.

main swcreen

Freemake video converter is a great free software which supports most of the formats. As you can see in above screen and below screen, the output formats can be compatible for most of the latest devices in current tech world.

more outputs

To convert existing MKV files  to DVD format in Windows 7, click on +Video and browse the input file (in our case, its MKV)

add file

Not only you can convert the video formats but also edit it while converting is possible by this simple software.

If you have more audio and subtitles files, that can be added in this screen too. Once everything is set, press ‘to DVD’ button.

Again some more options to modify before start the burning.

more options before write

DVD menu which comes automatically when you insert this DVD can be modified. Also the conversion file can be saved as ISO file, this makes MKV to ISO in Windows 7 easy. The converted ISO file can be mounted or burned to DVD disk later. DVD type and NTSC or PAL options are few more in this screen.

Really this Freemake video converter converts and burns MKV to DVD faster than any other similar software I used ( I might have missed some, but I did a through search on free converters).

I’m sure this small free software and my this article will be helpful in converting your MKV files to DVD or AVI formats in Windows 7 computer.