Download Free Software to Mount ISO Files in Windows 7 and Use as CD, DVD Drives

VirtualCloneDrive is complete free software to mount ISO files in Windows 7. This utility makes life easy by accessing ISO files like CD or DVD drive in Windows explorer without writing them on disks. Virtual Clone Drive is fully Windows 7 compatible software which works fine.isomounticon

Nowadays, most of the software and Operating Systems available on internet to download in ISO format, which can be written on CD/DVD or use these type of mounting software to mount and use.

Installation and usage of VirtualClonedrive are very simple.

1)      Download Free VirtualClonedrive software here.

2)      Install it on Windows 7 computer. You may get a driver warning message, because it will install Virtualclone drive as a driver. You can accept the installation; it’s not harm for Windows 7.

3)      After the successful installation, one extra drive will be appeared in Windows explorer, as shown below.


This will be the default drive where ISO files will be mounted.

4)      Do you want to mount more than one ISO files and use in Windows 7? Don’t worry, it’s still possible. You can increase the number of virtual drives by following method.

5)      Open Virtual Clonedrive program in start menu. Increase the number of drives.


6)      Now go to additional clone drives in Windows 7 explorer, right click on it, go to Virtual CloneDrive and select Mount. Here you can browse ISO file to mount and use as CD or DVD drive.


7)      If you have single virtual clonedrive, then simply right click on ISO file and open with Virtual Clonedrive program. This will mound the ISO file in default virtual drive. When you have multiple virtual drives, follow the step 6.

8)      To Unmount or release the ISO file, right click on mounted virtual drive, go to Virtual CloneDrive and select Unmount.

This is the best free software to mount multiple ISO files in Windows 7 without any issues.

Suggest any products similar to this, free and compatible to Windows 7.