How to Show My Computer on Desktop in Windows 8 & 8.1

‘My Computer’, the favorite and most used icon in Windows OS desktop is not included in latest Windows 8.1 or 8 by default. Also, as you know these operating systems will boot directly into metro UI mode instead of desktop mode. Even though you can make Windows 8.1 to boot into desktop mode directly, but still the My computer icon will be missing in it. Here is a simple and quick way about how to show my computer icon on Windows 8.1 and 8 desktop.

In earlier Operating Systems, like Windows 7 and Vista you can go to start menu and select ‘Show on Desktop’ for My Computer icon to show it in desktop. But, the traditional start menu also missing in these two operating systems, therefore ‘Show on Desktop’ is not applicable here.

Having the ‘My Computer’ icon on desktop will ease the access of disk partitions, folders, computer management, device manager and properties in your desktop or laptop computer.

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To Show My Computer Icon on Windows 8.1 & 8 Desktop,

The involved steps to show my computer icon on Windows 8 or 8.1 desktops are very similar, therefore I’ll be explaining the steps with single OS only.

1) Click on the Desktop tile in Metro UI (as shown below). This will bring the normal desktop.

Desktop in Windows 8.1

2) Right Click on the blank space and select Personalize.

personalize options

3) In next screen Click on ‘Change desktop icons’.  Select the icons that you want to display in your desktop. Checking Computer’ check box will show the my computer icon. I prefer to have Control Panel and Network icons also on my desktop.

show my computer in windows 8.1

After applying you would be seeing My computer icon on Windows 8.1 and 8.

showing my computer in windows 8

Hope this small guide would be helpful.


  1. says

    Thank you1
    But I was left helpless with laughter – at stupidity. Why on earth would they not put the most used icon(s) on the desktop? Is someone asleep at Microsoft?

    • Craig says

      Actually it is the most used by tech’s and other tech sav people. The rest of the general public have no idea what “My Computer” is. I am a Computer tech/consultant and when I tell people to click on my computer they just say “what?.” I swear there needs to be a required training course that teachers the BASICS of computer use before someone gets on one. I am sick of all the idiots.

    • Carol says

      My Computer has your folder option in it. This PC, what this article is having you move, does not.

  2. keith hall says

    can some one please help. most of my desktop icons have disappeared. Also the icons at the top and bottom have disappeared.

  3. Graham says

    Have to admit, i’m getting used to windows 8.1 and liking it .. but wish they would leave important things like this alone .. cheers anyhoo :)

  4. p says

    had to look at three other places before you made it easy.

    nice job. thanks. you made we want to stay with win8 after all.

  5. says

    I’m following your blog since it started back in 2009 and It seems to solve all my problems. I am a mac user and totally new on windows and your articles seems to solve my problems.

    -Thanks God Bless You

  6. Deborah Harmse says

    Thank you so much for this helpful, easy-to-follow instructional. I’m a much happier person now!!

  7. Cort says

    Not a techie but I used My Computer a lot. Can’t understand why they would make it less accessible but thanks a lot for showing how to put that and Control panel on the desktop :)

  8. Sam Adam says

    Thanks Denish.

    Although I am a big Microsoft advocate I really don’t understand what Microsoft had in mind by gradually making it harder for windows users to access My Computer icon .

    If we look back starting from win95 : winXP (as far as I remember ) it was by default on the desktop , then in later windows versions it is not on the desktop by default (they showed the My Computer icon on the start menu by default but who needs to go to start menu and click on my computer I am sure all of us like it on the desktop !) ; however , users needed to show it using personalize menu as discussed in the post but that was on the actual desktop not the desktop tile on the Metro UI.

    In my opinion as software engineer , enhancing a program (or OS) without keeping some sort of consistency in usage (learning experience) between versions might greatly affect the user’s reception for the whole version regardless of the beautiful enhancements (a balance is needed though).

    I will be surprised if these decisions made by Microsoft for these sort of changes are made by surveying users ; as I have seen so far everybody loves the My computer to be on Desktop , everybody loves to right click on any thing and ‘send to desktop as shortcut’, everybody loves to have another option to switch (or even have both) old start menu and the Metro start menu . Any votes :) ?

    In conclusion , that is my opinion and I might be wrong . Maybe Microsoft thinks the to get the best of the OS and the new enhancements you have to dig and learn further , who has time for that? (for me the os is just a vehicle , I have other things more important for me to learn about ).



  9. MOhamed says

    thanks ^_^

    was missing the advantage of right click cuz was using a shortcut and was have 2g2 the folder itself and also miss the manage option

  10. MUKESH.M says

    Thank you very much for your software windows-8 bring it back to the computer logo show to desktop.This programme useful for all
    computer using heartful thanks and congratulations for

    Warm Regards,

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