How to Install Android on VirtualBox with Pre Installed VDI Disk

Install Android on VirtualBox VDI Disk “Android”, the hot word we hear in recent tech world. Its a mobile OS which can be run on normal pc also with desktop virtualization. This post shows simple steps to install android on VirtualBox with pre installed VDI disk.

There for this method will avoid extra time on downloading two ISO files, combine them and install. Just download and import in to VirtualBox and start using.

I’m showing this on VB 3.2.6 with Intel Core2duo Windows 7 32Bit OS.

Here are the simple steps.

1) Download Android Pre Installed VDI for VirtualBox.
(This is a torrent download, Approx 200MB)

2) Extract the files.
Go to VB and create new Virtual machine with following configuration.

OS – Linux
Version – Linux 2.6 or Oracle or Other
Memory – 512MB
Video Memory: 12MB or more
ACPI: enabled
IO APCI: enabled
PAE/NX: Enabled

3) Under virtual hard disk, select Use existing hard disk option and browse for AndroidLive01.vdi from extracted folder.

Install Android on VirtualBox VDI Disk

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4) That’s it, installation done. Start  Android virtual machine now. You will be excited to see this OS in large screen than phone size.

Initially in black screen you may get some errors, nothing to do with it. Just ignore and wait for some time.

Here is the screen shot of running android on VirtualBox with Windows 7 32 Bit host.

Install Android on VirtualBox VDI Disk

You can use mouse curser like how use finger on phone.

Unfortunately, network did not work, I don’t think it will work.

Useful navigation keys and how to set up them are available here.


  1. says

    I was able to get this working and the networking is also functioning. The only thing is that it doesn’t have the Google Market app. Otherwise, it is a fully functioning Android VM. Thanks!

    • Jagged says


      Interesting… I have had much trouble getting network out of the VM with many operating systems (host always 64bit Linux), but it works with NAT…

      With this Android tablet, however, NAT is not working. Any idea? How did you manage it to work?


  2. zakir says

    Thanks,I have successfully run the Android on my Win 7 PC . Its works Awesome with Internet/Network…