The Most Famous 10 Articles of Sysprobs in 2013

While we are entering another new year, this would be the correct time to recap our most  famous 10 in 2013 of Sysprobs blog. Sysprobs has experienced a great 2013 year with multiple useful articles. Our most of the ‘how-to’ guides and troubleshooting tips are being famous at all the time, so in 2013 also.

Here are top 10 famous articles in 2013 based on the number of views and comments by readers. After seeing the demand of specific type articles on this blog, we have decided to produce similar kind of guides in 2014 too, that will be useful for most of the home computer/phone users, IT people and tech lovers.

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The Top 10 Famous Articles in 2013

1) Fix temporary profile issue in Windows 7

This has become the top post in 2013 too,which shows, still Windows 7 users are facing this issue and our article is being useful for them.

There are several ways mentioned in this post to fix temp profile problem in Windows 7.

2) Use Mac OS X 10.8 mountain lion by VMware pre-installed image

Another most famous article of Sysprobs. Here you can find the download links and how to use OS X 10.8 pre installed VMware image in Windows based computers. There are plenty of users who succeeded with this method.

3) VMware workstation 10, 9 and 8 unlocker to use Mac OS X

This post is one of our list topper always, it had been updated with the latest versions for VMware workstation 10 and 9. You have to use VMware unlocker to run hackintosh versions in VMware on Windows computers.

4) Steps to show my computer icon on Windows 8

Here comes an article about Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Most of the Windows 8 or 8.1 users will be looking for a way to get back the ‘My Computer’ icon on desktop. This guide explains it well with screenshots easily.

5) 22 Ways to Make Windows 7 Faster

These 22 ways will improve the performance of Windows 7 in every single area. Definitely you can speed up your Windows 7 desktop or laptop computer by following these simple 22 steps.

6) OS X 10.9 Mavericks on Windows PC

Another hackintosh post with the latest release of OS X 10.9 Mavericks has become famous in 2013. This complete guide explains how you can prepare the installable DMG file from original Apple DMG file for Windows based computers.

7) Make printer online from offline in Windows 7

If you want to make offline printer to online in Windows 7, that would be different from earlier Microsoft Operating Systems. The slightly changed method in Windows 7 is well explained in this guide. It has received good user visits in 2013.

8.) Pre installed VirtualBox images download

Even though this post is slightly outdated, but got reasonable hit in 2013. It is always easy to download and play preinstalled VirtualBox images rather than installing them from beginning. This post has covered various free distribution of Operating Systems VirtualBox images.

9) How to use telnet in Windows 8

If you like to telnet a device from your Windows 8 laptop or desktop with the default Windows telnet client, then you must follow these steps to install it first. For some security reasons, telnet client is not installed on Windows 7 by default, it must be enabled from control panel as shown in this guide.

10) Fix print spooler stopping automatically issue

If you ever face an issue of automatically stopping print spooler service in Windows 7, this guide discusses about several reasons for it and how to fix them. This troubleshooting guide has become one of the top 10 famous article in 2013.


Year 2013 had been a wonderful year for Sysprobs, me and readers.

Year 2014 would be much better with more useful content for our valuable readers in various categories.

Thank you for the continued support.