Mount DMG Files in VirtualBox, Windows Host

Follow the steps to Mount DMG files in VirtualBox in Windows Host.  Its not straight forward as mentioned in title. DMG files can’t not be mounted in Windows 7 VirtualBox directly. First convert it to ISO and mount.

The favorite software I use to convert DMG to ISO is dmg2iso. I tried MagicISO and some other software, but this dmg2iso worked well for me.

Download dmg2iso (dmg2img) here for Windows.

Installation not required, extract the zip file add the dmg2img.exe path in Windows path variable.

Syntax is dmg2img < Source file.dmg> <destination file.iso>

Successful conversion will start and run like shown below.

Mount DMG files VirtualBox Windows Host

If DMG file is clean, it will produce ISO file. Mounting this ISO file which came from DMG is easy in VirtualBox. Go to Virtual media manger in VB and add ISO file under CD/DVD images.


  1. vishal says

    Followed u r step & convert MAC.dmg to MAC.iso but when try to mount it in VMWare it gives error no os found.

    • midix says

      You cannot use it in VMWare, VMWare does not work well with HFS+ file system. If you want to use it in VMWare, mount it using DaemonTools and use DaemonTools virtual drive in VMWare.

  2. myufka says

    i converted the dmg to iso with your technics but virtualbox gives an error when i started to machine(same error when i try with original(unconverted) .dmg files)
    do you have any suggestions?
    tahnk you