Oracle VirtualBox Extension Pack 4.0.6 for Windows, Linux and Mac

Oracle VirtualBox extension pack is an additional package you have install top of VirtualBox program. This pack gives extra USB 2.0 and some more features support inside virtual machine. Whenever I update VirtualBox to latest release, I always download and update the extension packs too. Here I’m showing the download link and installation method of Oracle VirtualBox extension Pack 4.0.6 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Oracle released the maintenance release of their open source desktop virtualization software few days ago. VirtualBox 4.0.6 is the latest version and its having plenty of bugs fixed in it. Check the complete change log here.

Download Oracle VirtualBox 4.0.6 here.

I do not have Linux and Mac host machines to demonstrate the same steps, but the installation procedure is same on all host operating systems since VirtualBox interface and commands are same.

You can view the installed extension package version by going to ‘Preferences’ under File menu.

Oracle VirtualBox Extension Pack 4.0.6


Download the latest Oracle VirtualBox extension pack 4.0.6 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X here.

This file can be directly imported to VirtualBox console regardless of host Operating System whether you are running Windows, Linux Ubuntu or Mac OS X.


Here are the few Methods to Install  Oracle VirtualBox Extension Pack 4.0.6

1) Directly double clicking the package.

This works in Windows OS and I’m not sure on other Operating Systems. The installation will open the Oracle VirtualBox and install the VM extension pack. Press ‘Install’ or ‘Update’ to allow the installation.


2) Adding from VirtualBox console.

This method should work in all of the host operating systems.

Go to Preferences in File menu and select Extensions. Click on Add button and browse the downloaded extension pack 4.0.6

Oracle VirtualBox Extension Pack 4.0.6

You can use this same method to upgrade the existing extension pack also. This time it will ask for upgrade option as shown below.

desktop virtualization software

Successful message will appear after the installation or update.


3) Updating from Command Prompt

This method also should be possible with all Operating Systems because of  ‘vboxmange’ command is same.

Make sure you have administrative or root privilege while running this command.

Start the command prompt ( Right Click and Run as administrator) with admin access in Windows OS, or log in as root or use su command in Linux and Mac OS X before run this command.

Go to the working directory of VirtualBox (usually C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox), copy the downloaded virtualbox extension pack file to this folder and run below command,

VBoxManage.exe extpack install Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-4.0.6-71344.vbox-extpack

desktop virtualization software

I’m sure one of the above installation method will go smoothly. I highly recommend to install Extension pack 4.0.6 after you installed latest VirtualBox 4.0.6 ( Download it here.)