Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos Review – Personal Experience and Buying Advice on Model BT 5521

Here is a complete user experience review on Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos dual SIM phone. I’m using this phone for more than two months and recently the major bug was fixed on this model with the software update. Therefore, this is the correct time to share my experience and recommendation on this model.

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos – Model BT5521 is an entry level Android powered Dual SIM phone from Samsung. The price is very reasonable and features are good for the price. You are not going to miss anything important, at the same time not going to get anything extra from this phone for the price.

Specifications of Galaxy Y Pro Duos is available here and you can find out more in other sites too. Here, I’m sharing my personal opinion as Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos review.

phone front view with working screen

The Main Reasons I Bought Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos

1) Android phone from famous Samsung

2) Dual SIM ( Desperately I wanted this feature, instead of carrying two phones)

3) QWERTY keypad for easy typing ( I hate touch screen keypads)

4) Affordable price (This is my first Android/Samsung phone,  so did not want to spend more on something new)

5) Compact size

I have positive and negative comments on this device, but finally I’m a satisfied user of Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos. Whenever there is a problem or frustration on this phone, I console myself by other good features and cost of this device.

Because of Samsung and Android combination with my expected features, I bought it straight away without any investigations. But, initially thought I have made mistake and should have gone for different model for few reasons.

Con’s of  Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos – Made me Upset

1) SD Memory card issue – Most of the time when phone goes to sleep mode, it loses the SD card connectivity. So every time  it displays that unsupported file system on SD card and keeps on asking me to format. I could not format because it was having my data and installed application. Restarting the phone solves the issue.  So, every time installed applications on SD card stopped working. It was annoying really, but there is a fix for it, its working now.

2) Low Display quality

The screen resolution is not up to the high end level. Pictures, videos and even fonts do not look very smooth. If you compare with other models like Samsung galaxy SII or Note, the display quality is not up to the great standard.

3) 160MB Internal memory

That is really very less. We normally buy Android phones to install free apps and play around with them, but with 160MB internal user memory, you do not have more options. Installing apps on SD card or rooting the device is a second option.

Anyhow, I’m not interested in installing and trying all apps on this device. I already installed required apps without any issues. So, this is not really a big issue for me, but you have see how you will manage 160MB.

4) 3.2MP Camera, No Autofocus and No Flash

phone rear view

The camera does the job well without autofocus and flash, especially in daylight. If you think you can’t manage this 3.2MP camera  without flash and autofocus feature, then this phone is not for you.

Pro’s – What I like in Samsung Galaxy Y Pro

1) Dual SIM.

I’m using my both important SIMs now. Data service is active on SIM1. When data is active on SIM1, still I can call out and receive calls on SIM2. Dual SIM management is pretty cool on this device with more options.  Even there is a dedicated button available on keypad to switch between SIMs.

Read more about Dual SIM here at Wikiedia

The only draw back (In fact, not only with this model, but most of the dual SIM phones are working this was) is, while talking on SIM1, you can’t receive calls on SIM2. The caller will get ‘not reachable’ or ‘switched off message’ and it will go to voice mail box, if enabled. After investigating about it on internet, I have found that most of the dual SIM phones are working like this. Because both SIMs are using same single antenna, when one SIM is active (talking) and using the antenna, the second SIM will lose the network.

2) Compact size and QWERTY keypad.

compact size

3) Both way input

Having QWERTY keypad and touch screen input is making life easy on controlling the phone.

4) Performance of 3G and Wi-Fi networks is good for the price. Its having built-in  GPS feature too.

The battery life is OK. I can manage for around one and half days without charging with my normal activities, such as 3G network (always), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (most of the time) and calls.

Minor Issues with this phone – You have to live with it!

1) Not much multi tasking

Due to the limitation on processor and memory, you can’t use more programs at a time. The phone  and apps will become slow. You may have to clear memory and cache frequently.

2) Less applications because of built in 160MB user storage. Either you have to install apps on SD card if they support or root the device.

3) No back light to the entire keypad. Sometimes at night time, I get confuse which main key to press. See below picture.

no backlight

4) Its not detecting the paired Bluetooth device always.

My earlier HTC phone used to detect paired Bluetooth device when ever it is in the range. But Sometimes Samsung Galaxy Y Pro fails to detect automatically. Either I have to switch off and on the Bluetooth or search again to detect the paired device. Really its painful sometimes!

5) No autofocus and Flash in camera.

Obviously it’s a very basic camera to take photo or shoot a video.

6) Auto Screen rotates (Vertical to Horizontal) for some apps and games

Because of this phone’s screen dimension is different than other models, some of the apps and games automatically rotates horizontally. That’s really weird because you need to rotate the phone to play or use them.

Below game is running with rotated screen.

screen change for some apps

How to Solve SD card issue on Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos

As I said earlier, I used to get ‘SD card stopped unexpectedly’ or ‘unsupported file format’  error all the time. After rebooting the phone, it will work normally. Even I got a doubt on my first SD and bought a new one. But I faced the same issue on new card too. Really it frustrated and worried me about the purchase on Galaxy Y Pro Duos. I stopped taking photos and installing apps on SD card because of this issue.

But, Samsung released a software update recently and after the update the issue had been solved. I have updated firmware twice since purchase, first software update fixed the major SD card issue. I do not remember the software/firmware version this model came with, but the current software version after both updates is as below.

current version


If you are a normal android phone user who can manage with basic camera, display screen quality and not going to do much multi tasking or gaming on a phone, then you can buy Y Pro Duos. The prize, design with compact size, QWERTY keypad/touch screen support and Dual SIM are the major advantages of this phone.

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Pro is a basic entry level phone with enough of good features for what it is costing.


  1. Ehtesham Ahmad says

    I bought the samsung galaxy y Pro Duos on 12.09.2012 and had a very bad experience battery backup, almost only four hours, and battery heatin up problem along with phone becomes spontaneously off.All, good features are here viz a viz 2sims, 2cameras, 2 operatings (touch adn type), 3g and overall a compact and handy size.
    Ehtesham Ahmad

  2. Divya says

    Hi.. Actually my mum uses this phone. The problem we are facing is that pictures are stored on her phone memory. Hence through usb she cannot transfer pictures from her phone to the pc (since not found on sd card). And we cannot find the solution to transfer the pictures to her sd card.

    Could you help us?. Apart from that problem, I myself find the phone awesome although I have the galaxy y.

  3. drnadeem says

    i face internet problems,downloading and samsung galaxy dues sd card problems,similarly sim card not independently open.cell no.+92-300-6848019/+92-331-9756498

  4. Micko says

    Hi guys. I recently noticed a port to plug in an antannae to my Galaxy Duos Y. Since I plugged the antannae in, the phone doesn’t get any reception without the antannae. It’s like it’s become lazy to search without the antannae connected and areas where everyone else has a few bars I can’t get anything… Anyone have any ideas if this is a setting that has changed. I tried resetting the phone to factory but made no difference.

  5. sankar das says

    I have a problem in my samsung galaxy y duos day I want to change my sim when I am switch on my a username and password,when i enter my password nd it is incorrect.I can’t open it.please give me a solution..

  6. Dorine says

    I am trying to upload files from phone to a website or t my mail but the phone does not give me any other options other than gallery and voice recorder yet the file I want is saved on sd card! It is so frustrating.

  7. Dorine says

    If I could handle this then I would love my phone better. I need to be able to select files for upload.

  8. amu says

    Iam using samsung galaxy y pro my first problem is that i downloaded games into the sd card but when i try to open in it just say no file can open this application
    second problem is that im using too much airtime for wattsapp… pls some one help me

  9. shiva says

    hey … thanks for the advice … i am very thankful to you .. i am seriously trobling from the issue of memory card it show in notification that i have black sd card but after update it resolved…. thankyou once again bro..

  10. Otto says

    I would like to know how much it takes before your battery runs out. And how much do you use your phone each day (texting, calling, internet use, apps). Thanks a lot!

  11. abhishek says

    i m using samsung galaxy pro young…GT S5510.. and i m having a problum..wen i shoot a video the shooted videos voice is not clear…bt if i record sound or wen making calls..there is no prob…plzzz help me…reply on my email plzzz sir…

  12. Evans says

    I really like your review on this phone even with small small details that I was looking for. one question though I use the chat 322 (which I want to upgrade to the y pro duos ) and it does support apps on the memory card is it the same case for the y pro duos?? thanks

  13. Evans says

    I meant that chat 322 doesn’t support apps on the memory card does the y pro duos behave the same way?? I cannot also put a security lock on the keypad but on pre-selected files (files, messages, logs and contacts) only in the phone. how is the security system in the galaxy y pro duos?? thanks!!

  14. Mike isiramen says

    Can anyone advise me. My galaxy Y pro duo is locked onto Skype telephone and will not use my local GSM to local GSM calls. It routes through Skype and then skye tells me I need to buy credit in Euros. I have not been able to use it on local calls since I bought it.

    Secondly, when I am called from a local network, it rings but the thr green and red buttons will not accept or cut off the calls.

    Any prompt out of the mess will be appreciated.

  15. shady keny says

    tank yo so much for your help.
    but i cant install this version and how to get it.
    thank you .

  16. joy says

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    i am a samsung galaxy y pro duos user. i want to tell you that i & my friend KUNAL MEHTA have created a new group of our device. this group i created for all the question,sharing of idea,discusions…..
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    So please guys join us on the group on facebook so that we can also get good custom ROMS for our device….

    the link for the group is:

    so please be the member of our group
    all samsung galaxy y pro/pro duos user are most welcome….

    Thank You

  17. thianhoih says

    i also use this device but i don’t know why from some days before i can not connect my device to the pc can you tell me the reason why?

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