Top 10 Articles of Sysprobs in 2012 – Have You Missed Them Earlier?

Here are the top 10 articles in 2012 based on number of user visits (hits). Sysprobs blog’s performance was just average in 2012, no excitements and big jumps. The traffic level remained same in whole year, and in fact it dropped at the end of year. At last, this blog had served to many internet users who were looking for tips, tricks and how-to-do guides in Windows, Hackintosh and virtualization technologies..

I could not spent more time on this blog to write useful articles in 2012 like how I did in 2011, also I allowed only limited number of guest posts here. These all affected the growth of Sysprobs in 2012. I’m sure year 2013 will be much better for me and blog visitors.

Sysprobs is still being famous on specific topics. Users do visit and leave comments frequently. In case you missed any of the famous articles in 2012, this could be the correct time to view them.

Here are the Top 10 Articles of Sysprobs in 2012 (by number of views)

1) How to Fix Temporary Profile Issue in Windows 7

Windows 7 is a famous and top notch desktop OS in the market, it may take some time by Windows 8 to over take it.  The particular Windows 7 temporary profile issue post was the highest page view article in 2012. I have modified the post couple of time from original version with more instructions/user inputs.


2) Installing Mac OS X 10.7 on VirtualBox

Sysprobs gets high traffic on hackintosh articles specifically on desktop virtualization software environment. This is one of the famous article in 2012 even though it was released back in 2011.

3) Install Mac OS X 10.7 on VMware

This is another hit article in 2012, it was similar to previous one, but this was for VMware workstation. Still most of the people like to have Mac OS X on virtual environment before buy Apple hardware or for their development/testing purpose.

4) Make Bootable Lion OS X Image for VMware and VirtualBox

Again this is related for above two articles and related to them, because of it this article also experienced good hits.

5) VMware workstation 9 and 8 Series unlocker for Mac OS X guests

If you are going to try Mac OS X on VMware workstation, then you can’t miss this method. This article shows the latest VMware locker tool to unlock VMware workstation 9 and 8 series on Windows computer to allow Mac OS X guest machines.

6) How to Enable Virtualization Technology in Desktop computer BIOS

This is a essential step to run Mac OS X and Windows 8 on virtual or physical computers.  Running Hyper-V and VMware ESXi/vSphere servers also required VT enabled processors.

7) Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion VMware Image for Intel PC

A guide became famous in short time because of the release of latest Mountain lion OS X.  This article shows where to download working retail VMware image of 10.8, which is easy to import and run on Windows computer.


8) Windows 7 network slow and how to make it faster

An old article still remains famous because of Windows 7 and the value of the article.  This simple guide has useful inputs to make your Windows 7 network faster and smoother.

9) Install Snow Leopard on Oracle VirtualBox

Pretty old article but became in top ten articles in 2012.

10) Mac OS X 10.7 Lion VMware image download and install

Always downloading and running pre installed VMware images of Mac OS X versions or other Operating Systems works better and easy. This article remained in top ten due to the demand and ease of installation.


Thank you all for the great support in 2012 and we are hoping to have a great 2013 year Smile


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