What’s New in VirtualBox 3.3? I Want and Hope….

Whats new in VirtualBox 3.3?  Don’t confuse, its not released yet. If Oracle doesn’t change their mind and release one more version in 3.2 series, then the next major version will be VirtualBox 3.3. It should be the major updated version with some more features rather than ‘bug fixing’. As a regular VirtualBox user, I expect some new features in forth coming version. These all are completely from my personal opinion and experience. Please share your expectations and new features you want in next version. Its just a discussion, I don’t think anyone from Oracle will be looking at this post but I will post it to their forum after some time.

No doubt, VirtualBox is a superb desktop virtualization software for free. Supports most of the guests and hosts, very fast, but for some reasons it’s still missing some of the required features for home level and office level purpose.

Here are the 8 advantages of VirtualBox than VMware

I Want and Hope for These New Features in VirtualBox 3.3

1) Built in Cloning option

Any users who use virtualization software, will be liking to have cloning option to clone existing virtual machines without reinstalling all again. There is a small third party GUI tool called ‘CloneVDI’ available to accomplish this, and lot of people talk about this on VirtualBox forum.

Check our earlier post to use CloneVDI

Still I’m wondering why VirtualBox is not adding this feature to ease the usage of VirtualBox by saving time and disk space. It would be much great to have a cloning option like ‘Link Cloning’ in VMware.

I know there is a built in command line tool to clone VDI, but I’m struggling to clone VDIs with snapshots and virtual machine configuration XML file. So, its helpful 50% only.

2) P2V – Physical to Virtual

Again this is required for testing users.  Converting the physical live computer to virtual environment is always good for testing and future use. World is going towards virtualization and cloud computing, we need some built in tool to use P2V.

One of the good part in VirtualBox is, it supports several virtual disk formats. Therefore, we can use other virtualization software to convert P2V in known format, then import it in to VirtualBox.  Since I’m a ‘ VirtualBox Lover’, I want to do it in same software without any third party products to be a full compatibility conversion.

Here is the simple method for P2V in VirtualBox

3) Change Virtual Machine settings while it’s running.

I didn’t check other products, but VMware supports this nicely. I can add hard disk, network adapter and several devices while virtual machine is on and working. This works well on supported guest Operating Systems. It would be great if VirtualBox 3.3 will have this feature to avoid shutting down a running virtual machine to add devices.

4) and Some more……

I like to have some more minor extra options to be added in forthcoming version. Read more here under ‘ Oh… VirtualBox, still you are missing these all’.

As I said earlier these all are my personal expectations that I wanted to share with you. Please add your desired feature you want in new version.

Let’s see, how all users are experiencing the VirtualBox.


  1. says

    Hello again Dinesh,

    For 1) what about:
    VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid
    Assigns a new UUID to the given image file. This way, multiple copies
    of a container can be registered.

    For 2) what about:
    VBoxManage convertfromraw
    [–format VDI|VMDK|VHD]
    [–variant Standard,Fixed,Split2G,Stream,ESX]

    Or (you’ll love that one!):

    VBoxManage internalcommands converthd [-srcformat VDI|VMDK|VHD|RAW]
    [-dstformat VDI|VMDK|VHD|RAW]

    converts hard disk images between formats

    Look at http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=34172 for more info.

    For 3) you can use VBoxManage to do some of that, but it mostly depends on guest OS to support live modifications (many of them only recognize hardware at boot time, and do not discover modifications at run time)

    Best regards,


    • says

      Thanks for your valuable comment.
      sethduuid is great. I will try and publish a post to make the cloning easy. Let me try the VBoxManage command while virtual machine is running.
      I can see good initiatives on your website. Good luck.
      Email me if you are interested to write on my blog, it would drive some traffic to your website.