What to Expect from Windows 9, What Do We Really Want ?

With the growing floundering of Windows 8, the development of Windows 9 is growing quite a lot of steam now. The attempt of Microsoft to build the features in Windows 8 was suited to touch interface. However, the attempts were not that successful. General consensus is that it still is a long way to go towards producing a unified OS.

In my personal view, Windows 8 or 8.1 is not a flop, its really a good Operating System and something new you can play around with Windows OS and touch screen laptops or tablets. When it comes to desktop or laptop users who completely depends on computer mouse, Windows 8 or 8.1 is having several draw backs which difficult to digest by most of the home or office users. Since we have heard that Microsoft has started work on the next OS which hopefully Windows 9, what to expect from it? and what do we really want?

What to expect from Windows 9

Although the release of Windows 8.1 after Windows 8 has paved the path for further improvements, the rumors of highly modified version of the Windows to be released soon are catching up fire at rage now. The developments and modifications in the new versions are hard to predict at the moment, but the Chinese websites have leaked some information about the features of the new version of the Windows that couldn’t be relied a great deal. However, information obtained from job adverts and Windows Phone teams are more reliable that hint something towards the development of the Windows 9. It is still unclear whether Windows 8.2 will make it into the market before a substantial update of Windows 9.

Windows 9 loading screen

We should expect following changes in Windows 9 according to most of the rumors.

Simpler Windows Lineup

Windows 9 is expected to make the interface of the startup simpler than Windows 8 that eliminated plenty of features that were quite friendly for the people. It will enable the ‘Start’ screen that was removed in Windows 8. It will allow the modern apps that were mostly confined to the tile-oriented Start screen. These apps will run in the floating Windows on the desktop.

Although, Windows 8.1 brought back the ‘Start’ button, but still the start menu was missing that was purely due to the tablet version of the home screen in Windows 8.1.

Windows 9 tablet

Hardware and Apps Compatibility for Previous Windows Versions

It is expected that the Windows 9 will provide apps and gadgets that are suited to the full-fledge laptop versions mostly. However, the apps are mostly designed for touch screen versions of Windows. So there has to be a great balance between the touch screen features as well as Desktop features so that users get the flavor of real essence of Windows. However, the apps of previous versions of Windows should be able to run in newer version also whether they are designed for tablets or Desktops. Moreover, the hardware of users running Windows 8 should be able to run the Windows 9 also.

Transparent Backup

Microsoft should follow suite from the Apple for creating the backup of Windows in more transparent ways. Time machine mechanism for OS X is very simple and doesn’t put any strain on the operating system. The users must not need to care for the backup in place or nor after initial setting up.

Lesser Animations

The users would like to see the animations to be held back a little in Windows 9 so that users feel the desktop version of Windows instead of tablets.

Lastly, it is recommended to download Windows 9 in original version only once it is released. If you download Windows 9 in pirated or trial version, you might be compromising the real updates of the new version of the operating system.


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    I’m really looking forward to this newest version of Windows. I was expecting more from Windows 8 and 8.1 but unfortunately they didn’t satisfy me as much as the evergreen Windows 7. But I hope Windows 9 will be far better than these two current Windows operating systems from Microsoft.