Top 10 NZB Search Engines For Free & Paid Membership in 2020

If you are looking for good NZB search engines, that means you know about Usenet. An NZB is an XML based file format that works as a ‘Torrent’ File for media stored on a Usenet server. Large files stored on a Usenet newsgroup are broken down into multiple segments with a unique ID for each segment, the NZB file, similar to the Torrent file; contains the download coordinates/IDs for all segments, thus allowing users to download and compile large files of a Usenet server via an NZB-capable Usenet client without having to manually download each segment and merge them.

Again, like Torrent Search Engines, an NZB search engine allows the user to search for NZB files on a Usenet server of their choice as well as create their own NZB file via the site. We have earlier mentioned about what is HTPC and how to use it as your multimedia NZB Search Engines 2016

Advantages of Using NZB Search

● The biggest advantage of using an NZB Search is that the search results are not indexed as they are in Google Search. The results that you see are purely based on keywords that you provide for searching.

● Another advantage of an NZB Search Engine is that it allows you to search for a specific file on the whole server as well as create your own NZB file. There are no clear disadvantages for them.

● Files that you download via NZB Search do not require you to seed them/share them after you have downloaded them.

● Unlike torrents where your download speed for a particular torrent directly depends on the seed/peer ratio, stuff that you download from NZB Search will get you the fastest download speed possible. The only limitation on your speed would be the one that ISP put on your internet.

Disadvantages of Using NZB

● A new user needs to learn a lot in order to start using NZB Search and getting the best search results out of it.

● Sometimes, searching for something becomes very difficult. For instance, you are searching for Avengers latest movie ‘Captain America: Civil War’ with the same keyword, it might not appear in search because of the difference in the name of the actual file.

Best NZB Search Engines in 2020 (free)

There are a lot of NZB Search Engines available but not all of them store a lot of data. For instance, there are few search engines that only store data which is less than 2 years old. So it’s best to have a list of all the good NZB Search Engines so that you can search for your required content from all of them.

1. Binsearch – Binary content search engine. Allows creation of NZB files. Also features a watchlist, an RSS feed as well as an NFO database that can be searched, and supports SSL encryption to protect users’ privacy.

2. – Binary newsgroup search engine. Features NZB file creation, NFO display and RSS feed.

3. the Search engine that allows NZB file generation from Usenet posts. Also features RSS feeds, advanced multi-criteria search and personalization.

4. NZBFriends Usenet search engine with NZB file support. Provides RSS feeds for indexed newsgroups.

5. Binary newsgroup search engine. Allows creation of NZB files. An RSS feed that can be used as a watchlist is also available.

6. BiNZB – It displays the recent NZBs on the home page for easy access. The search functionality is so powerful here.

7.  UsenetHub –    They have categorized well for easy access. Still, you can browse and search the NZB you are looking for.

Top 10 NZB Search Engines in 2020 (Require Membership/Invitation)

Here are new NZB Search Engines but several of them require membership for access. These are also very great in getting the perfect results but it is only for users who got the chance to register on the site while it was open or can get an invite from an already registered user.

1. Has the best Index compared to the other engines.

2. OZnzb A decent Index but the free users are limited to 5 searches a day.

3. – Has a very comprehensive index but the registration is closed so you’ll need an invite to gain access.

4. – Seems to have a good index but doesn’t fare well compared to other NZB search engines.

5. DogNZB – A private NZB search engine but is often open to registration every week.

6. NZBmegasearch – This one is a Search Engine Application, here is the Installation guide.

7. This search engine focuses mainly on Audiobooks so this is the first place to look for audiobooks.

8. NZBHangout This one is still new so it is currently on invitation registration only.

9. – Is quite similar to Binsearch (listed above)

10. NZBGeek – It is a community-based NZB forum which is allowing free registration with up to 2NZBs every 24 hours. The premium model supports unlimited NZBs and API.

We have listed the best and top 10 NZB search engines in 2020 you can use easily and freely (some required membership). If one service didn’t work, you can try other sites to find out what you want to download. If you find any other useful similar sites, please share them in the comments area, we will be happy to add them to this list.

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  1. no longer exists.

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    The ones that do work (and are really good) are:

    BinSearch, NZBClub and

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