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Traffic Stats

1) Monthly 650,000 Page views approximately (Google Analytics – January 2012)

2) Daily 21,000 Page Impressions (Approximately).

3) Approximately 9,300 Absolute Unique Visitors and 13,000 Visits per day

January traffic


4) Around 85% of traffic from search engines, and major traffic countries are United States, United Kingdom, India, Germany and Canada.

top traffic countries


Audience Profile

1) Most of the readers use desktop and server virtualization products for personal and production use. Looking for the best solutions and products in Virtualization, Network storage, Virtual machine monitoring and management solutions.

2) VMware server and desktop versions experts. Also VirtualBox users from home,production and testing environments.

3) Application developers and users of Apple products who use Lion OS X, Snow leopard Mac OS X, iPad, iPhone for development purpose.

4) Windows 7 users looking to boost their computer performance by free or low cost utilities.

5) System and network administrators searching for products to solve and ease their day to day IT issues.


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