Useful Android Sleep Tracker App List

The elusive ideal of 7-8 hours of sleep – that’s our goal.

Overtime work, stress, social networks, all of this leads to the state when we have to wake up seemingly right after we close our eyes. Maybe, you just don’t have the perfect app yet, the app that is better than counting sheep and herbal tea.

Yes, they say that you should put your smartphones away an hour before you go to bed, but what if we use them correctly? Say goodbye to insomnia and get your portion of quality sleep. We have gathered some of the best Android sleep tracker apps for you.

Best Sleep Tracker Apps

Android Sleep Tracker App List


This app helps you fall deeply asleep thanks to a combination of relaxing sounds and voice signals. Researches show that Pzizz chooses a sequence of noises that are perfect for a specific stage of sleep. You won’t hear the same soundtrack twice, so you won’t be bored by the app any time soon.


We’re all familiar with the fact that the light of a computer screen can cause eye irritation, but did you know that it can also be bad for your sleep? Researches have shown that blue light of your devices сan disturb your sleep or worsen your sleep disorder. F.lux configures the color of your display according to time of day, making it warm at night and bright during the day. Users can customize the lighting as they want.

Sleep Cycle

According to, this is one of the most popular apps of its kind, and with good reason! Sleep Cycle monitors the stages of your sleep and then switches on the 30-minute alarm clock to wake you up precisely during your light sleep. With the help of this app, you can also estimate the quality of your sleep and find out how to make it better.

Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius Sleep Tracker

Sleep Genius is intended to train your body with the help of repeated rhythms or sounds of the environment. The app was designed in connection with the experiments on astronauts who sometimes have to sleep in most uncomfortable positions. By the way, with the help of this app, you can train yourself to take naps – Sleep Genius has an exercise that stimulates relaxation.


Sleepo is a big collection of sounds that you can mix together to get the perfect relaxing atmosphere. In its sound palette, there are 32 melodies – sounds of rain and city, white noise, and so on. You can also set time when the app will automatically turn off. But the best part is Sleepy doesn’t need an Internet connection so that you can use it anywhere.


Sometimes, all you need is just relax before sleep. That’s what this app is for! It consists of 7 steps. After taking them, you will feel a great need to slip into the arms of Morpheus. The sessions take up to 20 minutes and have a wide range of sounds, such as a beach or rainy day.

Sleep As Android

Usual alarm clocks ignore your cycles of sleep and wake you up whatever stage you’re in. And there’s nothing worse than having to wake up during the deep sleep. Your day hasn’t even started yet, but you already feel tired. The app monitors your cycle to find the best time to wake you up.

Rain Rain Sleep Sound

Sleep Better

We don’t know about you, but we feel most cozy when it’s raining outside, and we’re wrapped in blankets with cups of hot cocoa in our hands. If you know this feeling, then this app is perfect for you. Rain Rain Sleep Sound has more than 25 nature sounds in its catalog, including pouring rain, storm in the distance or raging ocean. By the way, the sounds get gradually quieter with time, so you can fall asleep.


Pillow works with Apple Watch and helps you get more detailed information about your sleep than usual trackers. The app is pretty easy to use: open it before going to sleep and set time when you need to wake up. You can also leave notes if, for example, you eat pizza late at night while watching a show. Then, just put your iPhone under your pillow and go to sleep. During the night, Pillow will use your phone to monitor your movements and create a comfortable schedule.


Coloring books for adults, what more could you wish for? It’s way better than TV! There are more than 1000 images to help you relax and forget about all your worries. Recolour aims to take the pressure and stress off, and of course – to help you fall asleep faster!

We are sure one of the apps will match your requirements to have a better sleep. Though there are other plenty of ways to have a night of better sleep if you are a tech geek who wants to track and see the progress, then use one of these apps. Most of the apps available for iOS also.

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