Best 27 Inch Monitors Under 300 Dollars – Gaming & Graphic Design

Monitors now available are great and getting really cheap if you do not want to get into the 4K resolution race. There are lots of best 27-inch monitors under 300 dollars you can easily get if you want a big enough screen that doesn’t cramp on your desk and a decent resolution which looks great. A 27-inch 1080p monitor will work great with your laptop, office PC, gaming PC or even your gaming console.

If you are a designer or video editor, a 27-inch monitor is great for you and you will be getting the best from it in terms of wide viewing angles and impressive color accuracy.


What You Will Get?

For 27 inch monitors in this price range, you will get:

  • 27-inch LED-backlit panel
  • 1080p resolution
  • Commonly HDMI and VGA ports.

Here are the Best 27-inch monitors under 300 Dollars

1) ASUS MX279H (Best for gaming and graphic design) with Speakers

ASUS MX279H - best 27 inch monitor under 300
  • 27-inch IPS panel, LED-backlit
  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • 2x HDMI, VGA, DVI, and 3.5mm audio jack ports

The ASUS MX279H is a very good option to consider. The ASUS MX279H looks very similar to the monitors it has been making for the past year. The bezel around the display is very narrow except for the bottom which has the buttons. The display rests in a nice ring designed stand which blends in very nicely with the color and build of the display itself. The bezel is so narrow that you won’t feel it at a glance. The stand, however, only swivels adjustable but the height of the display is good enough ergonomically.

The ASUS MX279H is also not VESA compatible, so you cannot mount it on a wall or any other VESA mount. This monitor also has speakers co-developed with Bang & Olufsen which delivers excellent sound and you can use them if you don’t want to invest in other speakers or you can also connect your headphones to the monitor. The IPS panel in the ASUS MX279H has wide viewing angles and also has a very good color accuracy.

back panel

The ASUS MX279H is good for gaming and also for office use or for designers since its almost bezel-less design can help you focus on your work and the size gives enough screen real estate for you to work in.

2) Samsung CF398

Samsung CF398 - best 27-inch curved monitor under 300
  • 27-inch curved panel
  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • DisplayPort, HDMI, and 3.5mm audio jack ports

Samsung’s display in phones, TVs, and monitors is the best because of the sharp picture quality and impressive contrast. The Samsung CF398 is a great example of this claim and not only it is the best in this list, but it also has a curved screen as well. The monitor has a stealthy black look that looks amazing and will blend in with your PC setup. The monitor is made from plastic which is very sturdy, the stand has a wide design which prevents the monitor from shaking or wobbling. However, you cannot adjust the height.

The Samsung CF398 is VESA compatible, so you can mount it on a customized VESA set up as a single monitor or multi-monitor setup. In terms of connectivity, the Samsung CF398 only has one DisplayPort and one HDMI, so you can connect to your PC through DisplayPort and your gaming console through HDMI if you want them connected to your monitor at the same time. Another good thing about the design of this monitor is that there are no visible buttons or controls in the front, however, there is a small stick at the back which acts as the controls.

The curved panel is very impressive for the price and delivers sharp colors along with great color accuracy. There is also an “Eye Saver Mode” which reduces blue color emissions from the panel so that it reduces eye strain when you work for long hours. This monitor is also great for gaming because of its quick response time and compatibility with AMD FreeSync. Overall, the Samsung CF398 is great for watching movies, playing games and work. The curved panel delivers a different experience in all of the mentioned uses.

3) Samsung S27E390H- Best 27 inch Monitor Under $200

Samsung S27E390H best 27 inch monitor under 200
  • 27-inch PLS panel, LED-backlit
  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • VGA, HDMI, and 3.5mm audio jack ports

If you do not prefer curved screens, do consider the Samsung S27E390H. Just like the Samsung CF398, the Samsung S27E390H is just as impressive in looks and performance with just a flat panel. The Samsung S27E390H has a stylish design with a blue-colored theme around the monitor. The bezel around the panel is very thin and it is of clear blue plastic which gives a really nice and cool feeling to the aesthetic of the monitor. The stand is also made from the same material as the clear blue plastic, which is very firm and sturdy to avoid the monitor from shaking or wobbling.

Unlike the previously mentioned Samsung monitor, the Samsung S27E390H is not VESA compatible, however, you can still make a multiple monitor setup with the VESA mount since setting up flat-screen monitors is easier. This monitor has one VGA port and one HDMI port, which is a standard set of ports so you can connect almost any laptop, PC or game console easily. The Samsung S27E390H is great for gaming since it has a fast response time and a game mode which enhances the contrast to bring out more colors from your video games.

Just like the Samsung CF398, the Samsung S27E390H is a great 27-inch monitor under $300 for doing video editing, designing and playing video games.

4) Dell P2717H

Dell P2717H
  • 27-inch IPS panel, LED-backlit
  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and USB 3.0 ports

If you are looking for a 27-inch monitor that looks professional and lives up to that title, the Dell P2717H professional monitor is for you. The Dell P2717H has a 27-inch panel with a familiar Dell design that is best for office use and for designers and video professionals. The design of this monitor is focused on enhancing productivity with a slim design to avoid distractions while working. The bezel around the monitor is very thin which allows reduced obstructions and the rest of the body is made from sturdy plastic.

The stand is the most impressive feature of this monitor. You can adjust the height, swivel, tilt and even set it in portrait or landscape. Another amazing thing is that it is VESA compatible so that you can have a wall-mounted setup or even a multi-monitor setup. The IPS panel is great for its wide viewing angles and a flicker-free feature which helps in reducing eye strain when working for long hours. You can connect your computer or laptop through HDMI, DisplayPort or VGA and you can also connect USB drives or charge your smartphone or tablet with the USB ports.

The Dell P2717H is great for office use, especially for developers who like to use multiple monitors at once, because the thin design of this monitor is great for that.

5) BenQ RL2755HM

BenQ 27 inch best gaming monitor under 300
  • 27-inch TN panel
  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • 2x HDMI, DVI, VGA, and 3.5mm audio jack ports

BenQ is making more gaming monitors than before and the prices are very impressive given that these are very good at what they do. BenQ RL2755HM is a great choice for media consumption. The build of this monitor is thick, which is great for a gaming monitor because it has a TN panel, more on that later. The stand is very ergonomic because it can be adjusted in many ways so that you don’t get tired when gaming for long hours.

TN panels are usually found in gaming monitors because they have a very quick response time, which is preferred by gamers, and flicker-free technology which reduces eye strain when gaming for long hours. However, the viewing angles of TN panels are not that great, so the BenQ RL2755HM is not recommended for office use and for designers who rely on wide viewing angles.

6) HP Pavilion 27xw

HP Pavilion 27xw
  • 27-inch IPS panel
  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • 2x HDMI, VGA ports

The HP Pavilion 27xw has the best value for money if you are on a tight budget and do not want to spend too much. The HP Pavilion 27xw is a very simple looking monitor and it is great for media consumption, office work, and some light gaming. The bezel on this monitor is very thin and the stand is very standard which only allows swivel adjustment. The thin bezel and minimalistic design help in reducing distractions while working.

The IPS panel in the HP Pavilion 27xw has impressive color accuracy, anti-glare to reduce glare from ambient light, wide viewing angles and is LED-backlit which consumes less power. The HP Pavilion 27xw has two HDMI ports and a VGA port so you can connect to a computer or a game console or different devices based on your preference. For a monitor under its price, 27 inches and 1080 resolution are more than enough, since 1080p is the standard resolution for most computers and 27 inches is a reasonable size. Overall, the HP Pavilion 27xw is a very good designed budget monitor that not only works great but will also look good on your desk.

7) AOC C2783F

AOC C2783F
  • 27-inch curved VA panel
  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • HDMI, VGA, DVI, and 3.5mm audio jack ports

The AOC C2783F is another curved screen monitor in this price range if you want to try out a newer variety of monitors. The AOC C2783F is built to deliver a comfortable experience with wide-viewing angles because of the VA panel. AOC is known for its great build quality and the AOC C2783F is a great example of this. The bezel around the monitor is not as thin as the other curved monitors in this list, but they don’t even look that bad. The stand is standard so you won’t find many adjustment options. There is no VESA compatibility, so you won’t be able to mount this monitor on custom VESA mounts.

The VA panel on this monitor is the best thing on it because it is great for its wider viewing angles and because of that, the color accuracy and uniformity around the panel are very impressive. If you are a designer or video editor, you may like this monitor. The AOC C2783F monitor does not have speakers built into it, but it does have a 3.5mm audio jack port so you can connect your headphones or speakers through the monitor. The AOC C2783F is a great curved monitor for watching movies because of its wide viewing angles and for designing work due to its great color accuracy and uniformity.

8) Dell SE2716H

Dell SE2716H
  • 27-inch curved IPS panel, LED-backlit
  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • 2x HDMI, VGA ports

The Dell SE2716H is another great 27-inch curved monitor. It is very similar to the Dell P2717H but with a curved panel and no VESA compatibility. The Dell SE2716H looks a lot like other Dell monitors with professional looks and ergonomic design. The bezels around the panel are very thin which makes your movie viewing experience comfortable along with the curved IPS panel which has wide viewing angles so that the image or video you are watching does not distort when you look from the sides. The Dell SE2716H has a standard set of ports, but there are enough if you want to connect to multiple devices. This monitor also has speakers that deliver crisp audio.

Overall, the Dell SE2716H is a very impressive curved screen monitor from Dell. It is best for watching movies and office work.

Finding good monitors under a fixed budget can become very difficult, so here we have the best 27-inch monitors under 300 and even 200 you must buy. You won’t be getting a 4K resolution because that can make the cost higher, but you will be getting IPS panels with 1080p resolution which is standard among computers and also very good since it doesn’t require a lot of graphics processing to push this much pixel even without a graphics card. If your computer does have a decent graphics card for gaming, it will be processing a high number of frames per second at this resolution.

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