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If you are looking for the best laptops with Thunderbolt 3 ports in 2019, you have reached the right place to find them. The times of the old and bulky USB ports have come and gone. Quite recently, after the development of the new Thunderbolt ports, it seems as if everything has changed accordingly. Though the Thunderbolt port addition was more formerly seen in PC building enthusiasts, many manufacturers have now started to add them on to their newer lines of laptops. Reaching its third generation, the Thunderbolt 3 is now on its way to completely revitalizing speed and performance within interchangeable computer hardware while also revamping set notions of earlier data transferability between two computers.

On reaching its third generation, the Thunderbolt has achieved the title of the one port that could replace all others in every kind of capability. Allowing speeds of up to 40GB/s, it can connect multiple 4K displays to the host computer while also output video signals at the same rates as audio signals. With a 10GbE average, it is the fastest networking cable for now. Though physically it offers the same physical aspects as the USB 3.1, however, it is more compact, allows for less space usage which makes it highly convenient for laptops designed with sleek edges and facets. These laptops can be designed for ultra-core gaming due to their ability to connect to external graphics amplifiers with no lag between the processing. Laptops designed using the Apple and HP design solutions are perfect fits for the Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Here are the top eight-tiered laptops that come under the budget of the enthusiast and the layman. However, these laptops contain the Thunderbolt 3 port, which makes them all the more exciting for the buyer.

Top Features of Laptops with Thunderbolt 3 Ports

You have the list of what possible laptop you may wish to purchase next with the basic idea of what the Thunderbolt 3 is capable of.  There are a few other things we wish to impart before we conclude this and allow you to research on which laptop to buy.

  • The Thunderbolt 3 is a cable for charging, transferring and sharing all data on one singular cable. This by default provides it the universal standard as a cable, which makes it easier to use on a day to day basis.
  • Due to its shape being much like the USB 3.1 port, its compact and reversible design allow it to be plugged either way in. So that would mean, no frustration when you are trying to insert your USB cables in.
  • Extremely high speeds of transferring, of up to 40GB/s. That is a lot.
  • The cable of attaching peripherals and graphical units to the host computer without experiencing video or audio delay in any possible scenario.
  • Takes up less space and allows for sleek and thinner laptops in the near future.

Here is the Selection of top 8 Best Laptops with Thunderbolt 3 Ports in 2019

  1. Apple 15.4″ MacBook Pro Laptop (MR972LL/A) with 4 Thunderbolt-3 Ports

MacBook Pro Laptop (MR972LLA)

Here it comes, the first one on our list; the everlasting and elegant MacBook Pro. Apple has never ceased to disappoint us when aesthetics and speed are in question. With a 15.4-inch Retina display, this laptop is ideal for our photographer and videographers. With colors popping on the screen and a 2.66GHz 6-core i7 processor running within, the machine is a beast under a beautiful dress. Not only so, but it also comes with a 512GB SSD. Adding an SSD instead of an HDD (the traditional method) gives you a lot more processing speed.

The computer powers faster and is more efficient in battery consumption. Along with that, with Apple’s flash storage under the hood, four Thunderbolt-3 (USB-C) ports line the sides to connect high-speed data transfer devices. These Thunderbolt ports are allowing connection possibilities with larger and better screens for if you need to get into those close touch-ups. You can use this Thunderbolt port to transfer data at high speed (40Gb/s), charging and video output within a single connector.

2. Newest Flagship Alienware 13 R3

2018 Newest Flagship Alienware

Stop your horses and tip your hat in respect, for here enters 2019’s strongest contender. A beast by hardware and size itself, we allow the respectable Alienware to join our ranks as our number 2.

Now there is a reason why this is named as something from out of space because it is. With a 13.3 FHD screen and colors that seem highly realistic to our gamer friends, this laptop does not fail to disappoint. Running a 7th Generation i7 processor, it also processes a GTX 1050Ti by NVIDIA. You know what that means if you need to game on the go this laptop is what you need.

Though a bit bulky in its size, it has everything you need to have the complete gaming rig experience on the go. With a single Thunderbolt 3 port, it allows for connecting Alienware’s graphics amplifier and a screen. So you can convert your laptop, into a desktop and never be unhappy again. With the single Thunderbolt 3 port, it also has USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port and two USB 3.1Gen 1 Type-A to connect your old USB devices.

3. ASUS ROG G752VS OC Edition Gaming Laptop


A stomp here and a rising fist, the ROG by ASUS as number 3 in our list of best laptops with Thunderbolt 3 ports. At a higher price, a larger screen and the higher gaming specifications, the ROG is truly for the Republic of Gamers.

Running an Intel Core i7 of the 7th generation with a GTX 1070 with 8GB dedicated display graphics, the Asus provides the better specifications. The major point lies in the innovative cooling techniques used to circumnavigate this bad boy without disturbing the design of the build itself. A single Thunderbolt 3 port over USB 3.1 Type-C can be seen which allows for attaching it to the monstrosity that ASUS calls, the perfect gaming rig. Allowing for multiple display attachments and graphics amplifier, the only thing this laptop falls short is in pricing, which is expensive as a Windows laptop. However, with the 2 x 256GB SSD (Total 512GB SSD), 16GB RAM and 8GB dedicated display at a price it is offered, you cannot ask for everything to be perfect!

4. Newest Dell XPS (Best Tablet with Thunderbolt Port)

2018 Newest Dell XPS Best Tablet With Thunderbolt 3

Ever seen a laptop break its back? It’s a high possibility if you wish it to follow your dreams of a gymnast. However, it seems Dell has heard your plea, and here they give you the famous XPS series. With a 360 degree rotational view, this laptop really makes you crane your neck. With a beautiful design, it’s astonishing what they fit inside.

Harboring the latest Intel Core i7 processor alongside an 8GB RAM and not to forget the whopping 256GB of SSD, this laptop is not only just flexible, but it’s powerful as well. With the Intel HD graphics 620 with shared memory riding in the back seat, all your tough software bow to its gentle curving design for this laptop seems to be able to handle anything you throw at it (or throw it at). With the features resembling a boomerang, physically and electronically, this version of XPS stands for a must buy. It also hosts a Full HD, and if you think you have seen colors in high definition, then you’ve probably never viewed a Full HD screen. 1 Thunderbolt 3 port is available to connect your devices to this beautiful touchscreen laptop/tablet.

5. MSI P65 Creator 8RF-450US Ultra Thin Laptop

MSI P65 Creator 8RF 450US

Here is another latest and powerful best laptop with Thunderbolt 3. It has one port of Thunderbolt-3, MiniDP, and HDMI. It must be an odd coincidence, but never has there been a list of computer-related bests, where MSI has not made the cut. Coming in very strong with an amazing price and bundles in relation, the P65 Creator is tearing through the battlefront to make it as our top 5 contenders. The color of the laptop is white, so think twice if you can have this laptop.

Within the confines of their 15.6-inch traditional design, lies a processor core by Intel, the latest 8th Gen i7-8750H. That gives them the boost in excessive clocking the laptop, which is further strengthened with 32GB RAM and a 512GB SSD solely for the Windows portioning. This not only makes it fast but also helps to increase the efficiency of which the CPU load is distributed throughout the laptop. A GTX1070 with the 8GB dedicated display card helps to make this 15-inch laptop a total beast in where it lies best, gaming. With the Thunderbolt 3 port addition, it is further provided with upgradable possibilities making this laptop a worthy buy for all MSI enthusiasts.

6. HP Spectre x360 15t Convertible 2-in-1 LaptopHP Spectre X360 Best Tablet With Thunderbolt

As quiet as a shadow but with the strength of hundreds, the HP Spectre x360 makes its entrance as is 6th contender for this list. Utilizing a beautiful design with the addition of the sleek stylus against the Ultra HD 4K touchscreen, HP has truly produced a beautiful convertible tablet/laptop hybrid.

Running the immensely strong and latest in the game, 8th Gen Intel i7-8550U with a 256GB SSD, this elegant design gives off an extremely professional outlook for the hard working graphic designer. With the addition of the latest Thunderbolt 3 port to its design, the Spectre also allows the user to design on the screen while having the surface being projected upon multiple 4k retina displays or better yet, to other tablets such as the WACOM Syntec. Though its screen size may put some buyers off, it does make for extremely light and portable designing on the go.

7. ASUS ZenBook Pro UX550VE-DB71T

ASUS ZenBook Pro UX550VE DB71T

Asus ZenBook is another sleek and slim Windows OS laptop for Thunderbolt 3 port. The price is comparatively good for the hardware specification of this laptop. With the stunning NanoEdge full HD technology, the Asus ZenBook got all the requirements to play mid to high-end games. It has 2 USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen2) with Thunderbolt technology. You get 1 extra thunderbolt in this model compared to some other Windows OS laptops in this list.

It is a powerhouse laptop with 7th Gen i7 processor and 16GB DDR4 RAM. For faster and enough disk space, you get 512GB SSD. If your budget allows, you can upgrade it to 1TB SSD while buying the laptop. For gaming, graphics designing and video editing with 2 Thunderbolt-3 ports, it comes with the NVIDIA GTX 1050i 4GB dedicated display. The built quality is excellent and made by 4 pounds of sleek aluminum. Asus claims that this model has a faster and better Wi-Fi adapter. The battery can be charged 60% within 49 minutes which is a great feature on a Windows OS laptop.

8. Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro Black Edition

Acer Aspire V 17 - laptops with thunderbolt 3 ports

Can’t skip the Acer brand without mentioning in any of the top lists. Acer Aspire is another 17 inches gaming laptop with Thunderbolt 3 port.  You get an amazing disk for storing and faster access, yes, it comes with 256GB SSD and 1TB traditional hard disk. This combination gives faster disk access and lots of space to store more data without additional investment. It is powered with the 7th Gen i7 processor that can be boosted up to 3.8GHz. It is a full HD (1920×1080) 17 inches screen, so you are going to enjoy each movement on the screen.

RAM is plenty which is 16GB DDR4 and NVIDIA GTX 1060 with whopping 6GB dedicated display cards are in charge to manage the graphics and gaming requirements.  Memory can be upgraded to 32GB if you feel 16GB not enough (really?). Type C USB 3.1 with Thunderbolt-3 technology port available on this powerful laptop. You can easily connect dual 4K video output simultaneously via the Thunderbolt 3 port if you want to use this laptop for video editing or music production. The DustDefender fan blades inside the laptop going to help in removing dust fast and cool down the temperature. Acer Aspire V17 is another best laptop with Thunderbolt 3 in 2019 you must consider.

Final Advice on Selecting the Laptops with Thunderbolt 3 ports

The reason to which why we suggest laptops with the Thunderbolt 3 port is due to its high compatibility with other devices. All existing cables that are dedicated to certain objects will become obsolete as time progresses. Apart from that, being able to hook up your laptop to external graphical units, peripherals or even docking stations, provides you with an ultra-fast portable design host, which you can carry anywhere. The requirement of the PC will also dim down as you can use these to hook up amplifiers and display units which will give you good matches in frames and ping when compared to a full-sized graphics card.

Though the USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 are identical in nature, they stand to be different in transfer speeds due to limited bandwidths on the 3.1. Figuring out if your laptop is compatible or not is an issue for now, but as time progresses, all those queries will be discarded as the universal port will take over. To buy a laptop with a Thunderbolt 3 would be a good investment for the future as changes in the technology sector come very fast, much like floods. Changes can completely bring up or make an object obsolete, so it’s always best to be prepared for whatever it is to come.


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