Budget Friendly Best Printers Under $100 for Home Use (Some for Work)

You can print anything and save money by not having to run to the copy shop every time you want to get something printed. You can find printers of several designs and functions. Usually, they are for professional use at a photo studio or otherwise. However, you can get a printer for your daily use under your budget. The simplified features yet high-resolution printers make them the best printers under $100. Companies tend to sell expensive printers with simple features. However, if you check properly, then you can buy the right printer in the right amount.

Best Printers Under 100 Dollars In 2017

Modern printers are coming with all in one feature that has the printer, scanner, photocopier, all together. Moreover, you will find some printers feature a memory card slot to direct print the pictures without having to transfer them to a computer. The possibilities are endless. The following list is a few things that you should check before you buy a printer. It is ideal to check these features to buy the best printer under 100 dollars in 2019 that can work well for your home and office.

Things to See When Selecting the Best Printers Under 100 Dollars in 2019

Laser or Inkjet: There are two main kinds of printers. Both work well and can be afforded under the budget. However, you need to choose the one that you find most fitting for your requirements. The inkjet is more powered and can print anything from documents to pictures in high quality. They are faster than laser printers. Laser printers are also as good albeit slower.

Cartridge: Many printers offer cartridges as low as 60 pages only. If you are a heavy printer user at home, then these printers are not suitable for you. Buy the one that can print more with each cartridge.

All in one printer: An all in one printer comes with a copier, scanner, printer, and occasional scanner. If you find one in your budget, you will find lots of convenience for you in many fields.

Connectivity: Most of the modern devices come with USB ports; however some printers are also wireless that can connect to your phone or tablet with Bluetooth technology.

Product Reviews of 10 Best Printer Under $100

The following are some of the best printers under $100 you can buy from Amazon online. They are equipped with hundreds of features and are perfect for simple usage home.

1. Brother HL-L2340DW Compact Laser Printer

The first one in the list is the Brother compact laser printer. Its compact size makes it perfect for setting anywhere at your home, hence making it one of the best printers under $100. This printer gives you the opportunity to print wirelessly. The laser printer makes it perfect for regular home printing. The Brother device allows you to print up to 27 pages per minute making the speed highly satisfactory.

Brother HL-L2340DW Compact Laser Printer under 100 dollars

With the local USB port, you can connect it your desktop computer. Moreover, you can also opt for letter-size and envelope printing with its adjustability. The cartridge capacity is about 2700 pages, and you can enjoy printing on both sides without having to turn the paper.

2. Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer

Another Brother printer manages to get on the list because of its high-quality features and affordable price. This printer is one of a kind that allows you to print on both sides without any manual interaction. You can stack up to 250 sheets in the tray which does not offer any flexibility for different paper sizes. The monochrome printer allows you to print in a sharp grayscale quality.

Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer under 100 for home use

The speed is satisfactory with up to 27 pages per minute. With one toner, you can print up to 1200 pages. The printer is designed to fit in a compact space. The connectivity is a simple USB port that can connect to your computer without any installation on certain Windows.

3. HP DeskJet 3752 Wireless All-in-One (T8W52A)

This printer is very small, yet it packed with features that are almost unbeatable. The printer is a color printing allowing you to print high-quality pictures at home. With the HP app, you can print different sizes of paper wirelessly. The app allows easy connectivity to your phone or your tablet. It also features a rolling scanner that works almost like a fax machine, saving space.

HP DeskJet 3752 Wireless All-in-One (T8W52A)

It also allows you to copy your documents with ease at home. Each cartridge will yield up to 300 pages as per your use. Furthermore, you can fit in about 60 pages for input and 25 pages for the output. The vibrant purple color along with the features makes it as one of the compact and colorful best printers under 100 dollars in 2019 for home use.

4. Brother MFC-J480DW – Color All-in-One Printer

This Brother printer is on the list of the best printer under $100 because of its many qualities that will satisfy you. It is an inkjet home printer which makes it all the more worthwhile. It uses the all in 1 technology where you can copy, scan, and print with the same small device. You can fit up to 100 papers in the tray and enjoy two-sided printing without manual turning of the paper.

Brother MFC-J480DW

You can connect it via USB to your system or with the wireless technology you can print directly from your mobile phone. The small LCD allows you to navigate on-screen menus creating a better experience.

5. HP DeskJet 1112 Compact Photo Printer (F5S23A)- Cheap Printer- Under $20

HP DeskJet 1112- cheap printer under 20

This HP DeskJet printer is suitable in size and allows you to print your photos in high-quality colors making it one of the best printers under $100. The tray allows you to fit in multiple paper sizes including A4, letter, and envelopes. You can fit in over 60 pages in the input tray and have 25 papers at once in the output tray. The device not only gives you a great printing experience, but it also saves energy making it safe for the planet as well. The maximum print speed is about 20 pages per minute for black and white and 16 for color.

6. Epson WF-2760-  Best All-in-One Printer Under $100

The Epson printer is easy to use printer featuring a copy machine, scanner, fax, and printer all loaded in one compact printer. The Epson printer is a wireless printer that allows you to print without the hassle of connecting your device. The LED allows easy touch to print technology.

Epson WF-2760 All-in-One

The double-sided printing along with the memory to store 30 pages for copying and scanner makes it a very convenient machine. The printer uses Inkjet technology making it a further efficient device.

7. Canon Selphy CP1200 Black Printer

The Canon wireless color photo printer allows you to print high-quality pictures in no time. Connect to the Wi-Fi or through your phone to wireless print multiple sizes of paper. Different cartridges come in various capacities for you to choose.

Canon Selphy CP1200

The Canon printer also has a color LED that allows you to access the printer with an easy touch. Moreover, the printer is also rechargeable allowing you to work without electricity as well. This printer makes its way into the list on full merit.

8. Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA Wireless Printer

Excelling in technology, Samsung’s wireless monochrome printer allows you to have the best printer experience wirelessly. The printer prints about 21 pages per minute giving you the satisfaction of speed and results.

Samsung SL-M2020W wireless printer under 100

The cartridge allows you to print over 500 pages along with the eco driver technology to give more in less hence, saving the environment. It is feasible to keep at home or in your office making its way into one of the cheap and best printers under $100.

9. Canon MX492 Wireless All-IN-One Small Printer

Another one of Canon’s printers that here to woo us with its features. This all in one printer allows you to print without connecting your device or installing any drivers. The dual side printing option allows you to save time from the side changing of the paper.

Canon MX492 Wireless best printers under $100

The most attractive feature is the silent printing. This printer will also allow you to use its fax services along with the memory of saving up to 50 pages in the feeder. The Canon printer prints in color as well as black.

10. Canon Office and Business MX922 All-in-one Printer

The Canon office and business printer is an all-purpose printer allowing you to copy, scan, fax, and print with only one device. The printer features wireless printing along with dual side printing and five color cartridge to provide the best results.

Canon Office and Business MX922

The tray holds up to 250 papers for your convenience. This printer makes it in the list not only because of its remarkable features but also because of the look that it gives. Its compact size and stylish look make it perfect for home and work.

Final Verdict:

While searching for the market, you will find the best printers under $100 that will woo you. One of the main concerns of yours should be the additional parts as well which may cost you more than the printer in the long run. Moreover, ensure that you check the printer for damage of warranty before buying it, and always go for the printer that gives you the most quality and features under your budget.

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