How to Clear Particular App Data/Cache on iPhone (Like Android?)

If you want to clear the data or cache of particular App on the iPhone, then you are at the right place to find out that. We may need to clear the cache or data sometimes to gain storage space and importantly to see the changes in the app with the current version. In my example, I’m testing an App (which is under development with images and other media) on Android and iPhone. Whenever there is a change in the App, such as replacing an image, the App is not reflecting it, because it has the cache and data of the old content.

In this case, Android has separate option to clear the App data and cache. Once I do that on Android, the new changes are visible on Android smartphone. Where is the App data and cache clear settings in iPhone? Technically, it is not there at the moment. Do not know the reason why Apple has not added this simple option to clear the cache/data of an app.

Like how we have the option to clear the Internet browser cache to get the latest version of the content or cachable media, every individual app should have this feature. Since each app caches the data, it is necessary to give this cleaning option to end-user easily and quickly like Android.

Here is the App cache and data clearing option in Android.

Android Clear Cache Option

Then, How to Clear App Data/Cache on iPhone

Few people and websites mentioned to go to settings, storage, click on App, and see the data usage size of the partuclar app. But, you have no option to clear those data there.

The only way to clear the App data and cache on the iPhone is to uninstall and reinstall the app.

You need to uninstall an app, reinstall from App store (need internet connectivity) which is time-consuming based on the size of the app, then reconfigure it again just to clear the cache/data of the app.

So, you do not need to go to many places to do this simple step, from the home page itself, uninstall the particular app by pressing and holding then the X mark.

Uninstall App For Clear Cache In IPhone

How to See the Data Size of an App in iPhone

If you want to see the space usage of an App, then you must visit the storage usage place to see the size. You can uninstall the App from here also. This is the ideal method to see the storage usage per app and get some free space by deleting the App and its related data.

Tap on Settings –> General –>iPhone Storage

Let it load the usage report. Down you will see every App with its data size.

Storage Use By Apps

Tap a particular app you want or the highest storage utilizing to get some space by deleting it.

  • The Offload option will simply uninstall the App only, but the related data will remain on your Phone. When you reinstall it from the App store, it is going to work from the previous data from the phone.
  • Delete App will remove the app and other all data related to it. That is what we need to do to clear the App data and cache on the iPhone.
Data Size

As another option, we can use some third-party tools to clear the app data. But that is a longer process than uninstalling and reinstalling an app. You need to download the tool (or buy sometimes), install it on a Windows or Mac computer, connect your iPhone to computer then process the cleaning. You need to think about the complexity and time usage of the process compared uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Basically, we need a simple option to clear the App data and cache from native iOS settings like Android. I assume that Apple is not giving this option for some reasons, but whatever it is, they must make things easy. What is your opinion?

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