Download OpenSUSE 11.4 and Install on VMware with Working VMware Tools

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OpenSUSE is another great Linux flavor that you can install and play around. The latest version is having excellent new features, appearance and working environment. This small guide shows how to download OpenSUSE 11.4 and install on VMware with working VMware tools by ‘Easy Install’ method, so you can adjust the screen resolutions and get more more options in virtual machine.

If I can shift my all programs and drivers to OpenSUSE 11.4 from Windows OS, then definitely I will think to move on. The latest version really looks great and works smoothly. I think it is having major changes from earlier version 11.3.


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The latest VMware products support 11.4, so it is a straightforward installation. Since it can be done by VMware easy install which is like ‘unattended’ installation, the all installation steps will be done automatically including VMware tools. Successful VMware tools installation on OpenSUSE 11.4 will enable us to change the screen resolutions, working sound, network, full screen mode and unity mode to easily work with guest and host Operating Systems.


Installation Steps – OpenSUSE 11.4 on VMware

1) Download OpenSUSE 11.4 from official site here.

Select the appropriate download method and correct 64 bit or 32 bit to suite your physical computer processor.

opensuse download

2) Create a new virtual machine in VMware workstation or VMPlayer.

3) Mount the downloaded Opensuse ISO file, VMware will detect the OS type automatically, this indicates the possible Easy Install method.

os easy install

4) Next screen to enter the user details which will be used by ‘Easy Install’ to create user account inside guest OS.

5) Modify the virtual machine name and location if you like. You can change the default hardware option in next screen. I started the installation with default options.  Press ‘Customize Hardware’ if you like to modify the hardware settings.



6) As expected, installation will start automatically, you do not need to do anything during the installation.

running install

7) Give enough of time to restart automatically and install VMware tools. Guest OS will be waiting for the password to enter which you created in earlier step –4.

working open suse 11.4 on vmware

8.) That’s it, installation is done. Network, sound and more screen resolutions are working well inside OpenSUSE 11.4 virtual machine. Also Unity mode works fine which allows to access Linux guest OS from Windows host computer’s desktop.

working vmware tools

Enjoy and play with the latest Linux release with working most of the options inside virtual machine. I will try the same with Oracle VirtualBox and update this blog in coming days.

Have fun

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  1. I followed these instructions and have no network connectivity at all via a wireless LAN. As usual you need to be a theoretical physicist with a special interest in Linux to know how to set it up – nothing works as it should.

  2. Hi,

    Is it possible to run this with a Gnome desktop rather than the KDE one that it defaults to in install?


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