EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Must Have Data Recovery Software for Windows Users

When you have data on your computer (for example on the local hard disks, external hard drive, USB drives or SD cards), then you must have a proper data recovery software also with you. We knowingly or unknowingly delete many files and folders and, later, we realize that we need to get those deleted files back ASAP. But the problem is if those files/folders are also removed from the RecycleBin, then recovering them becomes hard with the usual Windows built-in tools. I have used many data recovery tools in the last ten years of my IT- based life and in this blog post, I’m going to talk about the EaseUS data recovery software on Windows 10.

Data Recover

How Does Data Recovery work?

Usually, when you delete a file from the disk (even from the Recycle Bin), the Operating System removes the start and end of the file data pointers, but the actual data resides on the disk (this is applicable for disk formatting also). The actual data will stay on the disk without the starting and ending pointers until new data written on the same sector of the disk. So, you will have a higher chance to recover the data with the recovery software if new data was not written top of them. Most of the recovery software can scan or deep scan the disks to gain those entries and find the deleted files (or folders).

The difference between the best and normal recovery software and how to decide the correct one can be found below:

  • How fast they can scan the disk and recover the data.
  • How deeply it can scan and dig out your old files and folders.
  • How easy and friendly the interface is.
  • What is the success rate of the readability in the recovered files? Some programs may show and recover deleted files, but when you try to open them, it will not work, because the retrieved data is not correct.
  • What type of files it can find and recover? Also, the type of disk it supports.
  • Of course, when you have the paid premium version, what type of support and upgrades they provide.
EaseUS Recover Image

EaseUS not only recovers the files from deleted items, but it can also recover from disk corruption, partition loss or deletion, formatting partition, virus attacks and system crash. If a hard disk is not booting from a computer, you can attach it to a different working computer with EaseUS and start the recovery.

How to Recover Files by EaseUS on Windows 10

You can start with the free version of EaseUS data recovery software which allows to recover 2GB of data. Pro version unlocks several limits and becomes a handy tool.

1. Visit the official site of EaseUS Data recovery software and download the free version.

Free Version Download

2. Installation is simple. Open it after the installation.

It recognized all the disks, partitions and external USB disk (which I’m going to use in this example).

Identified Locations

It allows you to specify the certain locations of the computer. You can Choose Desktop, Recycle Bin, and you can even specify a folder to scan and start the recovery. This can save a lot of time instead of scanning the entire disk if you know where to look for deleted/lost data.

3. Once the scanning completed, it will display the existing and lost/deleted files from the disk. Here is the result. Select the files/folders under Deleted files to recover.

Deleted Files

4. Another useful feature is the ‘Filter’ option to filter the results. If you are trying to recover an individual type of files like Word, Excel or Movie, you can select these filtering option to see and retrieve the file type you want.


5. More options are available to filter further. File size, the age of the file and starting letter of the file/folder are useful options to narrow the results.

More Filtering Options

6. Select the file and click Recover. Choose the location where you want to replace the item.

Recover The File

7. Here is the recovered file.

Final Recovered File


Altogether, EaseUS is a simple, easy and fast file recovery software any user can use on Windows OS. It has incredible speed to scan and recover files. I was able to do all the steps within 3 minutes to browse and retrieve the desired deleted file from a 32GB USB drive. The time may be different for each user depending on the deleted/lost data on the disk, but it is speedy compared to similar recovery software.

You can start with the free version, once it works as expected, go for the premium paid version. The data on the computer is vital for all home and business users, sometimes the lost/deleted information becomes so critical (depends on the situation) and that time having a trustworthy data recovery software like EaseUS will save you lot.

Dinesh is the founder of Sysprobs and written more than 400 articles. Enthusiast in Microsoft and cloud technologies with more than 15 years of IT experience.

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