Windows 7 Network With XP – File Sharing Between XP and Windows 7

Windows 7 Network XP This article explains how to make windows 7 network with XP file sharing files between XP and windows 7.  By default windows 7 network comes with more secure than windows xp. So, we have to do some work around to enable printer and file sharing in windows 7.

Before stat file sharing , make sure both computers are connected properly by running ping command.

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Share file and printers from XP to windows 7.

After making windows 7 network with XP by checking the networking connectivity, make sure its in same workgroup. Mostly you get problem with Windows 7 security settings while making network.

Check below check lists in windows xp computer to make sure file and printer sharing is working fine.

1) File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks installed and enabled in network connection. (Right click on Local area connection which will be used to connect windows 7 computer, and go to properties. Check under General tab)

2) Make sure either windows firewall is completely turned off or exception is given for File and Printer sharing in firewall when windows firewall in on with allowing exception.

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After above check lists, then sharing a folder or printer is easy, and I’m not explaining it deeply. Better to add ‘Everyone’ and give appropriate permission.

Below screen shows, I’m accessing a Windows XP shared folder from Windows 7 computer.

Windows 7 Network XP

Share files and printers from Windows 7 to Windows XP.

File and Printer sharing options change in windows 7 according to network location you select when network getting connected at first time.

Current computer’s network location can be viewed under Network and sharing centre.

Windows 7 Network XP

When your windows 7 computer network location is set to Public Network, it cannot be accessed by any other computers in network. The following error message I got when tried to access from windows xp computer.

File Sharing Between Windows XP Windows 7

Still, we can enable file and printer sharing in windows 7 when network location is set as ‘Public network’. To do this, go to change advanced sharing settings under network and sharing center.

You can Turn on network discovery and File and printer sharing. So it will enable your windows 7 computer to allow file and printer sharing when it’s in public network location.  Also, requesting for password to connect any shares in this computer can be decided by turn on or turn off password protected sharing at the end of option, as shown below.


Also, you can change the network location of windows 7 computer to Home network or Work network which will enable file and printer sharing automatically.

Now, we can create any shares of folders or printers.

Right click on a folder, go to sharing tab. Select Advanced sharing and give appropriate permission. After all permissions and security settings set for a share in windows 7 computer. Now, I able to access share in Windows 7 from Windows XP as shown below without any error messages.


I’m sure this article helped to make Windows 7 network with XP and sharing files between windows 7 and XP.