[Fixed] Unknown StartTrace Error (183)- Exmon on Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server User Monitor (Exmon) is a great tool which helps to identify and troubleshoot basic issues on an Exchange server 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. It collects very informative data in real time about the user activity, mailbox access, incoming requests and more details to locate the possible cause of the server issues. We have published an article that shows how Exmon helped to identify the cause of high RPC/CPU that caused by corruption of a mail box. Sometimes Exmon crashes while collecting and refreshing the real time data with ‘Unknown StartTrace Error (183)’ error and this article shows how to fix it.

By default Exmon does refresh the real time data every 1 minute automatically. If your Exchange server is already busy and loaded with higher usage, then Exmon also will struggle to populate the real time data. It might crash with the following message and give an error when you you open it next time. How to fix it? or how to open it again without the error? Unfortunately you can’t find anything in the task manager or Windows services to kill the process.  Restarting the Exchange server will work, but that’s not recommended at all.

crash message

How to Fix Unknown StartTrace Error (183) on Exmon

Once it crashes, next time it will show up the below error Unknown Starttrace Error (183) and can not be opened.

Unknown Starttrace Error (183)

Even though the interface will not work here, but the tracing process would be running at the background. Therefore we need to stop the exchange event trace process to make it work.

Type the follow command in command prompt to stop the background process, make sure that Exmon.exe is not running while executing following command.

logman stop “Exchange Event Trace” –ets

command to type

If the process is already running, that will return the successful message as shown above.

If the above step do not help, you can check the disk space of the exmon’s log file where it resides, make sure other users are not running this utility from different logins.

Also you can follow these useful links to learn more about exmon.exe on Microsoft Exchange servers,

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