How Do you Know if Someone Blocked your Number in Android and iPhone

In this day and age of smartphones, people have more and more ways to contact each other because of social media. People may get annoyed by someone who contacts too frequently and disturbs them. For that, blocking someone else from calling or messaging is not difficult. Different apps have different ways of blocking someone, and you can also block a number through your network carrier so that you never receive any call or message from the other person. But that doesn’t mean you can never be blocked. You can be blocked, but you might not know how to know it. But how do you know if someone blocked your number in Android or iPhone? Here is how:

block number

Step 1: Call the Person

The first step to knowing if someone blocked your number is to call them. Of course, you may have their number and calling them from your phone is not very difficult. Call the person from your cell phone and then here is what you need to do:

1. Count the number of bells you hear when you call.

2. If you hear bells for a long time, then that means the other person may be ignoring you.

3. If you hear lesser rings than you would usually, then the other person may be cutting your call or may have blocked you through an app.

4. If you hear a message like “this number is not available”, then the person may have blocked you through his/her network carrier.

Even if somehow the call does not connect, it probably doesn’t always mean that someone blocked your number. They may either be ignoring you or they don’t have cell coverage wherever they are. This makes it a little difficult to know if someone blocked your number.

Step 2: Call the Person (iPhone)

If the other person is using an iPhone, then they may have blocked your number using the features included in iOS:

1. Call the person from your cell phone.

2. Note that if you hear one bell and you are directed to voicemail.

3. If yes, then your number may have been blocked through the iPhone.

voice mail redirection

If possible, try this by using your SIM in an iPhone unless if already you don’t have one. You cannot always confirm if someone has really blocked your number, but if you really want to know, it is still worth to try. If you really want to confirm if someone blocked your number, then go through the next steps.

Step 3: Send iMessage (for iPhone Users)

This is another guesswork you can do to find out whether someone has blocked your number on iPhone. By default, most of the iPhone users leave the default settings of read receipt of iMessages.So, if you have sent iMessages to the same person earlier, you would have seen ‘Read at’ on your messages.

When you try to send iMessages now to find out whether he/she blocked your phone number, and you get just ‘Delivered’ but never changed to ‘Read at,’ that indicates two things. Either he/she has blocked you or turned off the read receipt feature entirely on the iMessages.

imessage delivered

Since you can’t decide it by this single factor, but if your call redirected to voice mailbox after one ring as shown in step 2 and your sent iMessages to the particular user is not turning to ‘Read at’, that indicates that the user blocked your number.

Step 4: Ask The Person

If you really can’t get to know if someone blocked your number, all you can do is ask the person. You could do it in a number of ways. The way to approach this should be ethical, and you should be careful as not to cause more damage to the relations of you and the person who has blocked your number. You could do it in these ways:

1. Ask a mutual friend to ask the other person for you.

2. If you see that the other person has not blocked you on Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social media, try to ask by messaging them.

3. If you see the other person, muster up the courage and try to ask them if they have blocked your number.

So here was how do you know if someone blocked your number. It may feel very annoying or hurtful at first if someone has blocked your number. If you can, do apologize to the other person if anyway they have been offended by you.

Dinesh is the founder of Sysprobs and written more than 400 articles. Enthusiast in Microsoft and cloud technologies with more than 15 years of IT experience.