How Often Should you get a New Laptop? Lets See Some Facts

Laptops are a great help when it comes to students and working professionals. Laptops have taken the general public by storm ever since their inception due to their portability and their convenience.

Many people face this problem of having an old and outdated laptop that is unable to run the newest software effectively. Many times, these laptops start to die out on their own and stop functioning altogether.

How Often Get A New Laptop

How often should you get a new laptop? For this purpose, we have provided a comprehensive guide to knowing when you should change your old laptop and look for a new one.

What are the signs that I need a new laptop?

It is essential to know the signs of an old and outdated laptop that needs to replace. There are many signs that you may have brushed off as casual inconveniences, but you definitely need to pay more heed.

  • Your laptop starts to lag when switching between apps or tabs on an application.
  • You start to experience a lot of lagging and slowing down where there weren’t any problems previously.
  • When you start to notice that there are elongated periods of blank screens for no reason at all.
  • The operating system startup time is much more than it used to be before.
  • Read and write instructions on the laptop, such as copying and opening files, are much slower than when there weren’t lags.
  • The blue screen of death error starts to occur more often with programs that previously ran with ease.

One simple rule you can follow to know when you should change your laptop is when your laptop does not meet the minimum system requirements for the next version of Windows. This is a sure sign that you need to change your laptop.

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Should I Upgrade?

This is an easy option for those not willing to spend a lot of their money on a new computer. You can upgrade your computer, but there are only certain things that you can upgrade. For instance, you can upgrade the RAM, the secondary storage, the graphics unit, and perhaps the display.

Upgrade Laptop

However, you should note that several features, such as multi-core and multi-threaded processing, are not features that can be upgraded. These are central features of the processing power of the computer.

While you can definitely replace and upgrade certain parts of the laptop, it is imperative to point out that these are not long-term solutions, and you will soon need to make the final changes.

For how long can I keep a laptop?

You might also be concerned about how long laptops can last. You should know that this isn’t a rigid figure, and this varies significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, we have it narrowed down to some general rules for you to carefully look at.

In general, you should expect laptops to last for about 3 years on average. However, we should point out that this is for the low-end and budget models. For premium models, you can expect them to work for about 5 or more years.

Many big companies ensure that their latest software does not run on the older iterations of systems. This is done to encourage the purchase of newer models.

What should I look for in a new laptop?

When buying a new laptop, you must note down the specifications of your current or older laptop. This must be done so that you’re sure to buy the latest version of the computer and have a proper upgrade.

Once you have your specifications written down, try to find laptops online that have significantly higher specs than the ones on your current or previous notebook. Make sure that there is an increase in the RAM, at least by a double. You should also aim for a multi-core processor like a Quad-core or an Octa-core.

Additionally, you should also make sure that the laptop features an optical drive in case you still use optical drives. If you can, then you should buy a laptop that comes with an SSD. An SSD is basically a secondary storage device that is several times faster than a standard hard disk drive. The startup times and the Read/Write times on the SSD are significantly higher than the HDDs.

Look for a screen that supports HD video. It is important that you have a screen that can play modern videos that come in high definition.

Wrap up

Upgrading your laptop can seem like a costly job, as well as a draining job. This is much more difficult if you have no knowledge and idea about the laptops in general. But, with a little help and research, you should be able to make the right decision based on your choice and preferences. You should always remember that a new laptop may cost more but it will make your life easier and free from stress.

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