How to Block Websites in Windows 8.1 Including Facebook

There are several methods available to block a website in Windows 8.1 or 8 but it depends on the type of restriction you need to have. For example, would you like to block websites for everyone on the computer or for specific people like kids and guests?. If you block it completely, even you can’t access it. Sysprobs earlier published a guide about blocking facebook on Windows 7 computer in multiple ways. This guide mainly shows how to block websites in Windows 8.1 including facebook or any other sites permanently, so nobody will have access on the particular computer.


Ways to block websites in Windows 8.1

1) Host file editing
2) Block in the internet router ( by blocking the IP addresses of the websites)
3) Using Internet explorer security settings
4) Using Windows parental control
5) Some other third party tools.

We will be showing the first method only. Modifying host file will block the access to website on particular computer.  Modifying and blocking a website in internet router (mostly ADSL), will block the access for any computers, mobile phones and tablets connecting to the router or it’s WiFi.

Other three methods can be used in user control/level or password protected.

Block Websites in Windows 8.1 including Facebook by Editing Host File

This method is highly recommended for the people have more than basic knowledge of computers. Modifying host file wrongly can lead to other network issues. Host file is a system file used to map IP address with the name of a domain or website, it helps to resolve DNS query quickly and locally. When a client PC tries to access a network name, firstly it will look into host file to find out the IP matching with the name, if it’s not there, then it will go to DNS server.

By modifying the host file, we can give a wrong IP for a website which needs to be blocked in Windows 8.1. So the PC or web browser will try to access the website with wrong IP and finally fail.

1) Since the host file is an important system file, some of the latest Anti virus software do not allow modifying it. You may need to give exception for the host file or disable the anti virus software temporarily.

2) Open the host file and enter IP for the websites you need to block. By default is the local host IP.  When a browser tries to access this blocked website, it will fail because local computer is not hosting the real website.

3) Follow this guide to edit host file in Windows 8.1 or 8.

Here is the sample host file which blocks facebook and twitter in Windows 8.1 computer.

block websites in Windows 8.1 hostfile

Once the host file is edited and saved as above successfully, facebook and twitter will not work on the particular computer.

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  1. The past few years I used this way to improve my productivity by blocking some sites that I was addicted to, but now I use some software instead.

    Useful method for parents to prevent their child form porn sites.

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