How to Burn and Mount ISO to CD/DVD in Windows 10/8.1 Without 3rd Party Tools

Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 have a great built-in feature to mount (open) and burn ISO files to DVD/CD without installing any other third party CD writing software. If you are a person wants to do most of the computer tasks without installing extra software, then this would be an ideal way of dealing with ISO files which mostly downloaded from the internet. Find below simple steps about how to burn and mount ISO files in Windows10 and 8.1 without any CD/DVD writing software.

We have already covered several how-to guides and troubleshooting tips about Windows 8.1 here.  If you are looking for the ways to make Windows 8.1 faster, follow this simple steps.

This built-in disk image tool does the job easily within the same Windows Explorer.

How to Mount or Burn ISO in Windows 10/8.1

Simply right click on the ISO file in Windows, you will get the option to mount or burn. Mounting ISO will allow you to browse the content and use it as normal CD/DVD on your computer. This will help you to execute the installation files without writing them to CD/DVD.

option to mount iso in windows 8.1

Once you clicked ‘Mount’, you can see an additional virtual CD/DVD drive on My computer with mounted files and folders from particular ISO file.

Mounted ISO in Windows 8

Do not forget to unmount (Eject) the mounted ISO file. To do that, right click on the mounted CD/DVD drive and press eject. When an ISO file is mounted and in use, it can’t be used for another purpose.

Burn ISO DVD in Windows 10

If you like to burn particular ISO file content, simply click on ‘Burn disk image’ option. A dialog box will open to select CD/DVD writer ( if you have more than one drive.) It’s a simple and easy process compared other CD writing software. Insert the empty disk and start writing. The speed of burning is pretty good, definitely, it will be enough for most of the users.

burn iso to disk in windows 8.1

You can select ‘Verify disk after burning’ option if you like to verify the content of burned CD with the ISO file contents. Verification will take some time, but that is the best practice if the content is very important.

Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn’t have any built-in tool to do the reverse action, like creating ISO from the DVD/CD. But you can use several free simple tools to complete this task.

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