How to Change or Add Background Color in Word 2016/2013 and Office 365

Often we look for touch-ups for enhancing the look of our documents, so that it makes the right impression on the readers and help us in conveying what we want to say through the content of a word file. The most common thing to do is apply some background color to the document befitting the information and its readers. Here is a pertinent method of applying a background color to your MS Word documents in MS Word 2016/2013 and even Office 365 Word. Here we show how to add, remove and even print with the background color in MS Word.

Steps to Change (Add) the Background Color of Page in MS Word 2016/Office365

First, open the top menu in from the menu bar and navigate to the Design menu. On the extreme right of this menu, click to open the “Page color” option.

pick background color in Word

Here you get an array of colors to choose from. Select your desired color from the theme colors or standard colors.

change Word background color

If you have not been able to decide on some color from available options, you can open the “More Color” option. Here you can customize the colors of your choice by setting the desired values of RGB. If you know the RGB of your chosen color, it will be convenient to set the values in corresponding Red, Green, and Blue dropdowns. Else you can move the slider on the right side to get a perfect color of your choice. Once you are satisfied with a color, you must press the “OK” button to apply it to your document.

custom colors

The third option to set background colors is “Fill Effects”. It is a good option if you love your pages with some images or textures as background. But readability of the text is sometimes an issue with a textured background. Alternatively, you can try to recolor your text color to find a perfect match a “Fill Effects” background

In Fill-effects, you have 4 options to choose from

1. Gradient

In gradient, you can have an ascent of color throughout the page. You can pick the color of your choice. Apart from the single color option, you can get a two-color tone or pick a preset gradient pattern from a number of pre-designed patterns.


You can further customize the fill effects by changing the shading style of the gradient. You can pick any one of the following shading styles



Diagnol Up

Diagonal Down

From Center

From corner

2. Texture

This is another option to change the background color of the word document. Here you have a number of pre-built textures to choose from, or alternatively, you can choose your own texture image from your PC, Network location, web or Facebook.

Texture backgroud in MS Word

3. Pattern

Here you can again choose different patterns of line or dots. You can further change the foreground and background colors of these patterns, giving you much more options.


4. Picture

Having an image as a background is possible in Word 2016/O365 as you can browse and select the image of your choice from your PC and set it as a document background.

Picture background

How to Print Background Color on MS Word 2016/Office 356 With Windows OS

By default, the background color is only for on screen, and if you want the background color to appear in prints also, you need to do the following settings.

Click on File and then click the options button.


Now click the display option and under the printing options, check the box next to “Print background colors and images”.

How to print with background color in MS Word

How to Remove Background Color?

If you have to remove the background color from the document, follow these simple steps.

· From the menu, open Design tab.

· Click on page color button

· In the drop-down list, select the No Color option.

no background color


Using the above method, you can easily change the background color in Microsoft Word 2013/2016/O365. Do let me know if any of the above methods worked for you. In case you find any difficulty in the process, do post your query in the comments section below.

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