How to Recover Deleted Items on Outlook 2016/2013 Even After Emptied the Deleted Items Folder

Recovering deleted items/emails on Microsoft Office Outlook Exchange server is possible. To make it work, your company exchange server administrator should have enabled ‘deleted items recovery’ on the server side, which usually a recommended settings. By default, each Microsoft Exchange server versions have different options to keep these deleted items like 7 or 14 days. Exchange server administrators can adjust this number to keep more data based on the real requirement. This simple guide shows you how to recover deleted items on Outlook 2016/2013 and Office 365 versions.

Make sure your company exchange server is set to keep deleted items for a particular period of time, otherwise this will not work. If you are using older versions of Outlook 2000 or 2003, a Windows registry modification required to see this feature. You can check more details here for Outlook 2000 and 2003

Recover Deleted Items on Outlook 2016/2013, Office 365

1) In this example, below Outlook 2013 client is not having any items inside Deleted Items folder, which meant it was deleted permanently from the client side. The deleted folder also emptied.

Recover Deleted Items on Outlook

2) To get the deleted items from the Exchange server, Click on Folder in the menu,

folder option

Click Recover Deleted Items as shown in above screenshot.

3) Outlook will retrieve the items (which were deleted permanently on the client side) from Microsoft Exchange server based on the settings how long it configured to keep them. If you have a mail folder to recover, it can be seen here, but you can’t view inside to restore particular email. You need to restore the entire sub folder and then individual emails. Other normal deleted items will be listed here and recovered directly.


4) Select the items you want to recover and press Recover button at the top.

press to recover

5) Remember: once you have recovered an item, it will be restored to Deleted Items folder only, not to the original location like inbox or other sub folders..

recoverd items

Now you need to go through the deleted items folder after the restore, then get your required email.

How to Recover Deleted Items in OWA (Outlook Web Access)

Yes, you can do the recovery by accessing OWA of your exchange mail server through WAN and LAN. Each exchange server versions have different interface and process of recovery, but it can be done by end user easily if the settings of retaining deleted items were enabled in exchange server.

You can find the more detailed guide about recovering deleted items through OWA in several version of exchange server here.

Hope this simple guide would be very useful to recover the deleted emails from your Outlook client even when it was not available on the deleted folder. This method can work on any OS like Windows 10, 8,1 and Windows 7 and even on the Mac OS X as long as you have the Microsoft Office Outlook and deleted items recovery enabled on your email server.

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    • I accidentally deleted folders but cannot retrieve them using your suggestion. When I click on the Folder tab, the Recover Deleted Items is in grey so cannot be used. Please advise.

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