[Pro Tip] How To See All Connected Devices on Your Wi-Fi Network From Smartphone

If you are in charge of a network at home or office, it is always better to see who all are connected to your Wi-Fi network. There could be a few different monitoring tools available to examine the connected devices on Wi-Fi at the office/work environment, how about your home Wi-Fi? Here is the simple guide with an easy tool to view all connected devices to your home Wi-Fi.

Connected Devices In Wi Fi

In most cases, your Internet router gives the IP address to the devices which authenticate successfully with the Wi-Fi password/key, hence logging in to your router can provide the list of devices connected at the moment. To do that, you must log in to your router with a web browser probably from a desktop or laptop computer. Moreover, you must know the admin login password of the router.

By using the following tool, you can easily find the connected devices from your smartphone that can be Android or iPhone. You do not need to know the admin password of Wi-Fi Access point or the Internet router to use this app and get the list of connected devices. So, it will be more fun to check all devices on any Wi-Fi network (where you are already connected) which can be your friend’s, neighbors or public Wi-Fi.

Though you may find several similar apps, Fing is one of the best and simple app to scan and see the devices on a wireless network.

Few All Network Devices on your Wi-Fi Network With Fing App

1) Download Fing from the relevant App store.

Apple App Store and Google Play

2) After connecting the Wi-Fi, scan for the devices.

You will find the devices which are connected at the moment with its IP address and other possible details that can be gathered by network broadcasting.

Scan Connected Devices3) Opening (clicking) the device will give more options and tests such as ping and traceroute to confirm the network connectivity. Also, you can provide a name and description to save the particular device in the list.

More Details And Tools

Moreover, it gives you more details about the network device as shown. Below is my Sony Android TV connected to the network.

Device Details On Connected Wi Fi4) If you are concerned about network security or trying to hack someone’s device which is connected to the same wireless network, checking the opened ports is a good idea. Any network device with the unwanted open ports on the network is vulnerable for network threats and hacking attempts. Using the Fing app on your smartphone, you can scan a specific device to find open ports.

No Open Ports

Read this thread about the danger in opening network ports.

5) Network speed test tool is part of the app. You can test the Internet speed of the connected Wi-Fi inside the same app.

Speed Test

For some reasons, this app is not giving the MAC (Physical hardware address) of the device. I’m not sure whether it has limitations or we must get the paid version to see the physical addresses of the network devices.

Altogether Fing is one of the best smartphone apps to see the connected devices on your Wi-Fi network and get necessary additional details of them. By creating a Fing account, you can save the scan results, events and even get network alerts of the devices. But without creating an account or getting the paid version, the basic tool is useful enough to manage your initial requirement to see and identify all devices connected to your home wireless network. If you see any suspicions devices connected to your home Wi-Fi, either you need to investigate or change your Wireless network password to secure the network.

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