Install and Run Mac 10.7.1 Lion OS X from VMware Pre Installed Image

This guide explains how to download and install Lion OS X pre installed VMware image in Windows 7 Intel computer. This is applicable for Windows XP, Vista and VMware workstation 8 and 7 series. Sysprobs earlier published a guide on installing fresh Mac OS X 10.7 Lion on VMware from DVD or ISO. But, this method will be easy and quick to get working Lion virtual machine in desktop virtualization software.

The particular image is created and uploaded to torrent site by zackehsoul who is having a great blog on hackintosh, called souldevteam and you can follow him in twitter for more regular updates. No virus found inside the download. The torrent download is having several patches, VMware image, and extra applications that can be installed once the image is loaded in VMware.


How to Download and load the Lion OS X VMware image

1) Make sure your physical computer is having Hardware Virtualization Technology (VT) enabled processor. Read our previous article on how to enable and check VT in BIOS.

If your computer is old and not having VT supported processor, then this torrent is having a ‘Hardware VT Unlocker’ which will make the VMware workstation to bypass VT check before booting the virtual machine OS. So, it is possible to use this method on non VT supported processors too. Since I have not tried this unlocker, you can leave comment on this after trying.

2) Download the torrent. Extract the files to local hard disk.

3) Depending on the VMware workstation version you are having; use the correct VMware unlocker to enable Mac OS X support.

Check the earlier guide on VMware Mac OS X unlocker tested by me.

Before applying the patch or not properly applied patch, the guest OS support will be look like below,

before unlocker

Also, if the patch is not applied properly but you started the virtual machine then it will stuck with Apple logo.

stuck with apple logo before patch

4) Open “Mac OS X Lion.vmx” file in VMware workstation. This file is located under Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1 VMware Image\Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1 VMware Image\Mac OS X Lion in extracted location.

You can modify the virtual machine’s settings according to configuration of your physical machine. Increasing RAM size and processors (cores) can be done here.

5) Before start the VM, make sure the OS X guest patch unlocker  is working properly by getting additional Apple Mac OS X guest support as shown below.

patched guest OS

6) Power on the VM now. If everything is fine, you should be able to land on working Lion OS X desktop.

7) First thing – Take a snapshot of virtual machine before do anything further. Open the “Install After Boot” folder from desktop.

Install the required packages. “Install VMware Tools”, “EnsoniqAudio Lion.pkg” will be enough to start with normal use.

install vmware tools

The above both packages will install VMware tools (which gives better performance and multiple display screen resolutions including auto resize) and sound in guest machine.

If sound is not working even after the EnsoniqAudio package installation, then check for the sound card in virtual machine settings. If it’s not added, add the default sound card.

Here is my working Lion OS X virtual machine’s settings with added sound card.

my vm settings

8.) I demonstrated these steps in my Intel Core2duo 2.66GHz with Windows 7 32 bit. The Lion OS X from pre installed VMware image is working pretty well. Performance is good and I can work nicely with full screen too.

Guest network worked out of the box with normal bridged, NAT and other network modes.

Accessing host computer’s USB devices worked well.

I will share about setting up VMware shared folders in Lion OS X in coming days.

Here is the working Mac OS X 10.7.1 Lion from VMware image on VMware workstation 8.0.1 with Windows 7 32bit.

working lion os x


Issues on Updating to 10.7.2

There are some issues on updating this image to 10.7.2. So do not try now. Take a snapshot before do anything even if you like to try updating.

Here is the recommended guide on updating OS X  to 10.7.2 which is done by zackehsoul.


Helpful Video from Owner

Here is the video from torrent owner.

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  1. Aslamualikum.. i’m 15 years old and I have installed it.,… but it doesn’t detect any usb attached and it doesn’t install the webcam.. need help
    thanks for creating this wonderful way to use mac.

  2. Asalamualikum.. it worked fine.. but the youtube on this doesn’t work right.. sometimes the video plays but not the audio and sometimes the audio plays but not the video .. need help

    • Try right-clicking the video and disable 3D acceleration. Also, not sure why yet, but I’ve had better luck with Google Chrome browser than Safari or Opera.

    • See agentsmith comment above. I’ve read that AMD processors don’t work well with this, if at all, although no personal experience. At least make sure that virtualization is enabled and try it then.

  3. Ha ha ha the hardware virtualisation bypasser is the fake application in that torrent.
    If u want to run mac osx it is most important thing to have VT enabled processors

  4. guys…i have done everything..but when i power on the machine its not showin me the apple mac logo..its showing some symbol prohibited symbol..and its automatically powered off within few min..wat to do..could anyone plzz help me..i am having hp pavillion dv6 laptop..config is intel i7 quad core proccesor , with 8 gb ram adn 1tb hard disk…plzzzz someone help me..plzzzzzzzzz

  5. Tried installing 10.7.1 and 10.7.2 etc with VM 8.01 and VM 8.02 but not getting it to work.
    Getting some kind of a Stop sign. instead of the Apple Logo.
    My laptop doesn’t have VT, so I used the patch.
    10.5 is working fine, but cannot run Xcode and other items. need to have at least 10.6.x
    Any clue how to make it work?

    • What exact laptop brand and full model/model code do you have?
      What version of Windows? What CPU? How much RAM?

      • I have an HP DV-6 1245DX
        Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T6500 2.10 Ghz 4Gb RAM
        Windows 7 64-bits.

        The processor doesn’t support VT so I used the patch.

  6. gotta wonder if the 250 Gb is too big… since my HD is has only 100 Gb left.
    Is there a way to change the 250 to like 30 Gb ?

    • No. Your problem is not caused by HDD.
      The virtual machine HDD is set to grow dynamically, so it will only use for example 5-10 GB of HDD – it will NOT use 250 GB unless you start the VM and add data to it.

        • Same issue, stop sign with gray screen. Anyone?

          Intel Core2duo T5270
          2 GB Ram (I am sure its not caused by RAM, as I see people complaining who have 16 gigs of ram)
          Applied the patch to get past virtualization error.


  7. Hey everyone.. I was wondering if my laptop track pad can work as an apple track pad on mac is there a way ???

  8. Think it has to do with the processor part.
    Planning on getting a new laptop, with an I3 processor. that support VT-x
    Then I shouldn’t have that problem anymore right ??????

  9. Got my new Laptop with an I3 processor, and it’s working awesome now.
    The only problem i’m having is that I cannot download the VMtools part
    Not sure why. but telling that there is no server :/
    Download 8.0.4 now and see if that one works with Lion 10.7.4
    Anyone else having the issue with the VMtools part ?

    • It seems VMware Workstation 8.0.4 still works fine, and can be unlocked using the latest Mac OS X Unlocker and run Mac OS X 10.7.4 just fine.
      Regarding the VMware Tools issue, please download the Darwin.iso from here, do not use the menu in the Workstation:

      • thanks

        I’m asuming it’s the darwin-snow.iso file

        do I just rename it and replace the file in the vmware folder ??

        • I ran the darwin VM Tools install. It looked like it was going to work but at the very end I got a message that The Install Failed.. Is there anything special that I need to do for the install to work? I used user name “Mountain Lion User” and blank Password. I noticed that the iso is named “darwin_snow.iso”. Does that mean it’s for Snow Leopard only/ and therefore won’t work with this MAC OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion install?

  10. btw. how to you install apps on the Max os ?
    ie. Xcode. since it keeps disappearing after install seems like it.
    I cannot find the icon, until i mount the DMG file back so I get an Xcode drive,
    I am sure a wizard came up and installed it, but there is no icon etc.
    Can’t even uninstall least, don’t know how, i guess.

  11. Is there a original DMG/ISO file for 10.7.4 ?? if so where?
    I tried several of them, and they all seem to be corrupted when I use DMG2ISO
    10.7.0 works fine, and I was able to install from scratch.

  12. I can’t get it to run… I always end up on a grey loading screen where you’re supposed to see the apple, i get a forbidden sign.
    I tried it on workstation 8.0.0 and 8.0.3, both came to the same thing.
    I’m running on intel pentium D and windows XP. (yes, old computer, 32 bits, can that be the problem ? thought it was said to be working on 32/64…)
    I also tried on my AMD and windows 7 64bits, but it won’t start also. On this one I get to a frozen screen of the apple… Which should mean I didn’t patch my VMWare the good way, but I did exactly the same thing as on my intel !

    Can anyone help? thanks!

  13. It seems that everyone having problem with stuck in a gray logo sign (slash logo sign) was never get a solution. I guess this is the main problem.
    I wish there is someone can help us. Thanks

  14. I have the problem of getting the apple logo only, i installed everything last night even was playing with Lion half an hour ago, i decided to change the memory and give it a bit more so i turned off the guest to do it, then went to play it again and BAM frozen apple screen with NO SPINNER.
    i have googled this topic to death and no real answer.

    any help out there PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and if you could explain it in retard that would be much appreciated.

  15. s/m how are you i have final cut pro x i search in google site google giving this Running OSX86 in VMWare Server 2.0 i don,t know how .GB. is this can you show me a link of this soft i will hopeful to you if you have information about final cut tell me.

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