Internet Explorer Problems in Windows 7 – Stuck, hang or taking time

ie8win7Windows 7 is a good OS from Microsoft after Windows XP (my opinion); it came with lot of new features and works really faster than Windows Vista. Windows 7 has Internet Explorer 8 which is good browser, but as usual you get problems with Internet explorer 8 in Windows 7 after some days.

After you installed third party software, add-ons, tool bars and plug ins to work with Internet explorer, you may get problems. Internet explorer in Windows 7 will start hang, or not respond or take time when open it. By restarting computer, or running system checks or deleting internet temporary files will not help you in this case.  The following one of the step may solve your internet explorer problem in windows 7.

1) Start Internet Explorer without Add-ons in Windows 7.

To start internet explorer 8 without add-ons, go to Accessories in Windows 7 start menu, then select ‘System Tools’

Internet Explorer Problems Windows 7

Select Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) in the list. Now internet explorer must browse and work normally without any problems. You may get a warning message about internet explorer in running without add-ons. Leave the message.

We can’t use internet explorer without add-ons in windows 7, because add-ons are useful and we installed to use them. If IE8 works fine in No Add-ons mode then something is wrong with add-ons only. To disable individual add-ons in internet explorer 8 in windows 7, go to next step.

2) Disable add-ons

To disable add-ons, go to Tools in Internet Explorer (to get Menu Bar, press Alt key in keyboard). Select ‘Manage Add-ons’.

Internet Explorer Problems Windows 7

In next screen, you can manage add-ons which are divided in four types.

a)      Toolbars and Extensions

b)      Search Providers

c)       Accelerations

d)      InPrivate Filtering

Internet Explorer Problems Windows 7

According to my experience, Toolbars and extensions type mostly makes problem to Internet Explorer 8. Select the add-ons in right side which you think causing problem (mostly the recent one you installed) and press disable button.  If it doesn’t solve the problem, disable all add-ons and enable one by one to check.

If you find out the correct add-ons, then better uninstall it from computer. More details about add-ons can be found by pressing ‘More Information’ link.

Recommended add-ons for internet explorer 8 can be downloaded from here

Is disabling add-ons in windows 7 internet explore8 not helpful? Then try the next step.

3)      Reset Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7

If you remember well Internet explorer would have worked well on the first day in windows 7. It started giving troubles to you after some changes happened. There for, we will reset internet explorer settings to factory default. You can try this step as first one or after tried earlier two steps.

To reset IE8, go to Tools, then Internet Options and Advanced tab.

Internet Explorer Problems Windows 7

Press Reset button.

To delete personal settings, select ‘Delete Personal settings’ option in next screen. Reset confirm message shows as below.

Internet Explorer Problems Windows 7

I’m sure any of the above three steps would solve Windows 7 internet explorer 8 problems. Try some additional steps to solve Internet Explorer Problems in Windows 7 here.

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  1. You can also speed up the browser by Internet Options gerneal tab Browsing history settings change disk space to 50 up to 150reduce the number of days in browsing history from 20 defalut to 0. check the empy browsing history upon exit. ok close and restart internet exporer.

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