[Issues FIXED!] Install Mac OS X 10.7 Lion on VMware or VirtualBox as Virtual Machine

Install Mac OS X 10.7 Lion on VMware or VirtualBox

Sysprobs blog updated with latest working guide install lion on VMware workstation in Windows 7, Intel based computer. Apple’s latest OS version 10.7 Lion is available for developers. If you have developers account with Apple, then you can download from their official site. The same working DGM installation file hit the torrent sites. Hackintosh with Lion OS X is not easy this time like how it was in Leopard 10.5 and Snow Leopard 10.6. There are few successful installations available on internet to install Lion OS on physical Apple and Intel computers as separate Operating System in different partition, but none for Virtual machine yet. Last few days I tried to install Mac OS X 10.7 Lion on VMware and VirtualBox,unfortunately nothing worked.

UPDATE 3 (27-09-2011)

Here is the working method to install Lion OS X on Oracle VirtualBox with normal Intel Computer & Windows 7.



I managed to install latest Lion OS X on VMware workstation with Windows 7 32Bit Intel based computer. You need to create a bootable separate image (VMDK) file, here is the guide how to do it. I will publish other guide to use this image in VMware, stay tuned.



I have published a complete and working guide for VMware workstation in Windows 7 host – Check this guide

Here are the difficulties faced during the installation and what I found on internet. I will be keep on trying to install Lion as a virtual machine in any of the desktop virtualization software. You can expect a guide for this any time in Sysprobs.


Issues during Lion OS installation on VMware and VirtualBox

  1. The current famous Mac OS X chameleon boot loader can’t handle the 10.7 Lion OS kernel for booting and installation. Therefore, the boot loaders like empireEFI, Darwin and iBoot can’t be used here.
  2. VirtualBox built in EFI boot loader also can’t boot the Lion.
  3. VMware is allowing to install the Lion OS on second virtual hard disk, but it can’t be booted.


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The Positive Findings about Lion hackintosh

  1. The older XPC boot loaders are booting the Lion installation on normal Intel computers. There are successful installation attempts and screen shots available in some hackintosh Russian forum sites.
    XPC boot loader should be written to USB disk with proper file structure to match your physical computer configuration. Still, I have not found the correct way to prepare for my Intel core2duo computer. Then, the bootable USB should be converted to bootable CD/DVD image to boot from VMware or VirtualBox, because these desktop virtualization software do not support virtual machine to boot with USB storage.
  2. There is a successful installation method available to install Lion OS as virtual machine in VMware on Mac host with VMware fusion.
    I tried the same method in Windows 7 Host with Intel computer, but no luck so far. I will be working more on this step for further developments.
    Here is the guide for install Lion OS X on VMware Fusion
  3. Installing and booting from second partition is possible on physical computer with XPC boot loader and simple modification in .plist file. Therefore this can be possible sometimes in Virtual environment since VMware allows to install in second hard disk.


Lion OX S on VMware Image Credit


What We can Expect to Hackintosh Version?

  1. Somebody has to build a boot loader which can manage the latest 10.7 OS on Intel, AMD physical computers and Virtual environment.
  2. Lion OS is came for some registered Apple motherboard IDs only (this is what I heard), these IDs are included in installation package. VirtualBox or VMware or other third party developers should make a virtual environment which can match one of the registered mother board IDs.
  3. Some pre installed VMware image of Lion 10.7 OS from any of the Intel host computer.
  4. Bootable XPC boot loader for VMware or VirtualBox in CD/DVD ISO format, because both desktop virtualization software do not support USB disk boot.


Final Thoughts

I’m sure Lion OS X hackintosh will hit the internet very soon. I’m not a developer of any hackintosh or boot loader versions, but I will be keep watching and trying all possible methods to run this 10.7 OS X on VMware and VirtualBox, and updating this blog immediately.

You can visit our all Hackintosh on VMware and VirtualBox guides here.

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