Maverick Ubuntu 10.10 on VirtualBox – Guest Additions Working Well

Ubuntu 10.10 on VirtualBox Guest Additions Do you want to try the latest Maverick Meerkat? install it with desktop virtualization software virtualbox without disturbing your existing OS. It’s not recommended to upgrade your existing working Ubuntu OS because of the beta version ( Final version released now). So, installing as a VM is good idea check the new Linux features. This post shows how to install ubuntu 10.10 on VirtualBox and configure guest additions working fine to increase the screen resolution.

The current VB version 3.2.8 is not supporting Ubuntu 10.10, because its still a beta and final version will be available by October 2010. Therefore installing guest additions is a difficult task without official support, but there are few methods available and one method worked for me.

Update 13/10/2010 – Oracle released latest VirtualBox 3.2.10 with official support with built in guest additions installation. Check here for more update
Update 12/10/2010
– To configure the  VB Shared Folders on Ubuntu 10.10, read this post

Follow the steps.

1) Create a new VM. Configure enough of RAM and hard disk.

2) Download correct type of installation ISO file from here (Official site)

3) Increase video memory and enable 3D under display option. Mount the ISO file to CD ROM and start the virtual machine.

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Ubuntu 10.10 on VirtualBox Guest Additions

4) Select Install option in next screen. Continue the next steps.

Maverick Meerkat Ubuntu 10.10 on VirtualBox 3.2.8

5) If you are not expert in Linux partitioning, select first option in allocate drive space.

Ubuntu 10.10 on VirtualBox Guest Additions

6) Installation is very easy, complete it and restart the virtual machine. Do not forget to unmount or remove ISO file from CD ROM.

Here is the running Maverick Meerkat ubuntu 10.10 on virtualbox 3.2.8 before guest additions installation.

Ubuntu 10.10 Guest Additions

The built in guest additions with VB 3.2.8 will not work here. So, do not mount ISO and start the installation as how I showed for 10.04. We have to wait till the final release of Ubuntu 10.10 and release of VB guest additions from Oracle.

Here is the discussion about Ubuntu 10.10 guest additions in Virtualbox forum.

How to Install Guest Additions on Ubuntu 10.10?

Additional packages and updates released by ubuntu people to test with VB. You can download them and install by following method to get high screen resolutions. This worked in one host and not in other for me. So, I’m not 100% sure this will work for all. Please share your results on comments area.

Make sure virtual machine is having internet with download access. Open terminal ( Application –> Accessories –> Terminal)


sudo apt-get update

and provide the root password, above command will check and download the updates available on internet server.


 sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)

Now, type,

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-guest-x11

Restart and check the screen size, seamless and full screen mode on ubuntu 10.10, all should work.

Let me know how it worked for you.

Have fun.

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