Setup AutoProtect Snapshot in VMware Workstation 7

Setup AutoProtect Snapshot VMware Workstation 7

Snapshot is a good feature in virtualization software to protect your virtual machines. It takes a copy of machine’s state. You can restore the virtual machine anytime and start from that point, which is called snapshots. This article explains how to setup AutoProtect snapshot in VMware workstation 7.

Normally, snapshots taken manually by a user before any major changes. When your virtual machine crashes or corrupts it can be restored easily in snapshot manager. VMware snapshot method is more advanced than any other desktop virtualization software.

To setup AutoProtect snapshot in VMware workstation 7 follow the steps.

Right click on Virtual machine and select snapshot manager, or select the virtual machine and go to snapshot manager in menu bar under VM -> Snapshot.

You can view the snapshots taken for particular virtual machine here. Also, restoring to a snapshot, making clone from a snapshot and deleting snapshots are possible in this snapshot manager.

Click on ‘AutoProtect’ button.

Setup AutoProtect Snapshot VMware Workstation 7

By default, AutoProtect snapshots are disabled on VMware workstation for following reasons,

1)      To save disk space

Snapshots consume more disk space for each snapshot point; it depends on your virtual machine size also. So, if you setup automatic snapshots for every hour, this method will consume lots of space in disk.

2)      To avoid work load for virtual machine.

Every time when snapshot is being taken, computer resources in physical and virtual machine will be used heavily, mainly disk activity. It will affect the host and guest machine very much.

3)      It’s not required for all machines.

Auto protect snapshots are not required for all machines except mission critical virtual machines. For normal virtual machines weekly snapshot is enough to keep backup which can be done manually.

How to Setup AutoProtect Snapshot in VMware workstation 7

Once you click AutoProtect button, in the next screen select ‘Enable AutoProtect’ box. It will enable some more options as shown below.

Setup AutoProtect Snapshot VMware Workstation 7

Only three options available as AutoProtect intervals, Half-Hourly, Hourly and Daily. When you change settings in interval and Maximum AutoProtect snapshots, VMware will display disk size it will consume for snapshots, also you can see the snapshot versions will be kept for restore options in future. These all automatically decides by VMware to provide less disk space and good restore options. Other snapshots will be deleted automatically by AutoProtect snapshot.

Select ‘Show AutoProtect snapshots’ check box in snapshot manager to view them.

Setup AutoProtect Snapshot VMware Workstation 7

AutoProtect snapshots cannot be taken if record or replay is active in virtual machine.

Its recommended to setup AutoProtect snapshot for a virtual machine where changes happens  very frequently, mission critical machines, or with high processing and disk speed machines. So, we don’t need to take snapshots manually.   AutoProtect will save time on restoring machine’s state to just by simple clicks, and this automated snapshot makes life easier without manual backups.