How To Switch From Beta Version To Final Latest Version Of macOS Catalina

If you are like me opted for the beta version of macOS Catalina but forgot to update the final release, here is the way to do it. This is not only for the 10.15 Catalina, but applicable for any future beta releases and final versions of macOS.

Usually, you would have got the beta version either by the developer or public beta streams. Once you downloaded the beta version and installed on your Apple hardware, your Mac will be automatically enrolled in the beta program. That means, your MacBook, Mac Air or iMac will be receiving only the test builds automatically. The strange thing is that even after the beta program is over for particular OS, still your device will not receive the final version until you do do the following steps.

In this guide let me show the easy steps to switch from beta OS version to the final release of macOS, at the moment it is Catalina 10.15.5 without losing any data.

Upgrade Beta to Final version of macOS

  1. Verify whether your device joined the beta program
  2. Remove the Mac device from the Apple Beta Software Program
  3. Download the final and latest macOS from App store
  4. Install and restart the Mac device

Details Steps with Screenshots

To find out why your Mac laptop or desktop is not getting any OS updates even though final versions are available to the public, we need to verify in Software Update settings.

  • Go to ‘System Preferences’ and ‘Software Update’ or click on ‘About This Mac’ and ‘Software update’.

Check Software Update

  • You will probably see on the left side saying that ‘This Mac is enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program’. Depending on the beta program you opted-in, the message will look different.
  • We need to come out from the beta program to install the final release of the macOS. Click on the ‘Details’ and ‘Restore Defaults’. Now your Mac device can receive the latest and final version of the OS.

Restore Purchase

  • As you are aware that any major OS version can’t be upgraded by System preference -> Software Update, we need to download and install it through App store.

Removed Beta Option

  • Open App Store and search for macOS Catalina and click GET for the final release update.

Download Final MacOS

  • Confirm the download. The macOS Catalina update is around 8GB; hence you need to wait for a while to download.

Confirm The Download

  • The installation will begin by itself once the download completed. The upgrade steps are simple and straight forward.

Start The Installation

There you go, we have the latest and final public version of the macOS. We can see the huge improvements and security fixes compared to the beta release. Also, your Mac device will no longer receive the beta updates unless you opt for them again for a new OS.

To double confirm, check the system state. It should have the latest release and no more enrolled in the beta program. This will ensure the future updates will happen when Apple releases the final public versions.

Final Release

I hope this guide is useful to convert the macOS beta to the final version without reinstalling the OS or losing data.

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