Top 10 Best iPhone 6 Speaker Docking Station from Amazon

When the iPod was very popular before the iPhone, many companies made dock speakers for them. These dock speakers were very popular for their portability and ability to charge the device while playing music. The speaker docks have been popular when the iPhone came in the market as well.  But since the popularity of Bluetooth speakers, they have lost the spotlight. Speaker docks are still considered very useful and are still available. If you are looking to buy best iPhone 6 speaker docking station (some and with remotes), we have you covered. Following are the top best iPhone 6 speaker dock from Amazon:

10 Best iPhone 6 Speaker Docking Station from Amazon in 2016

10. Bose SoundDock XT

Bose SoundDock XTBose makes the best iPhone 6 speaker docks and the SoundDock XT is probably the best iPhone 6 speaker dock. The size of this speaker is not very big and not very small and delivers full-range audio performance. The dock itself is designed nicely and can play music and charge you iPhone 6.

9. iLuv Aud 5

iLuv Aud 5

The iLuv Aud 5 is the right choice for you if you are looking for the best high-fidelity speakers. This speaker dock for iPhone 6 can charge and play music with a crisp, premium sound with the right bass. There are controls on the top to navigate music on your phone and an auxiliary port to connect other devices.

8. JBL OnBeat Mini

JBL OnBeat Mini iPhone 6 dock speaker

The JBL OnBeat Mini is a nice small sized iPhone 6 speaker dock. The OnBeat Mini has a rechargeable battery which delivers up to 8 hours of playback if you want to take it somewhere with you. The speakers deliver a nice sound and it supports both iPhone 6 and iPod touch.

7. LuguLake

LuguLake iphone docking station with speaker

The LuguLake is a beautifully designed speaker dock for your iPhone 6 or 6 plus. While the iPhone 6 cannot be entirely docked on this phone, it can connect to the speaker through Bluetooth and sit on the cradle of the speaker. The speaker itself is long enough to support the iPad as well.

6. Satechi iFit-2

Satechi iFit-2

The Satechi iFit-2 is a small and sleek designed iPhone 6 speaker docking station which is aimed at portability. It is a chargeable iPhone 6 speaker dock and its battery runs up to 7 hours of playback. Your iPhone 6 can be docked on it in a nice angle for ideal viewing and using your phone while it is docked. The speakers are on the sides of the dock to give you premium stereo sound.

5. Sony RDPXF300IPN


The Sony RDPXF300IPN has powerful speakers to give you a really nice audio range in high quality. It’s a really high quality iPhone 6 speaker dock. You can mount your iPhone  and you can charge it with the lightning connector while listening to your favorite music.

4. Bose SoundDock Series III

Bose SoundDock Series III iphone dock speaker with remote

As mentioned above, Bose makes the best iPhone 6 speaker docks and again the Bose SoundDock Series III delivers the best audio. Using a proprietary acoustic design, the SoundDock Series III delivers crisp and premium sound. It also comes with a remote so that you can control the playlist and your phone’s functions. It also charges your iPhone  with a lighting connector.

3. Bowers & Wilkins Z2

Bowers & Wilkins Z2

The Bowers & Wilkins Z2 is the best premium iPhone 6 speaker dock available. It can play through Apple AirPlay and by docking your iPhone 6. Its speakers are designed to deliver a natural sound smoothly throughout any room. It comes with a 2-year warranty when purchased from an authorized dealer on Amazon.

2. iLuv Aud 3

iLuv Aud 3 iphone speaker dock

Like the iLuv Aud 5, the Aud 3 is just as incredible and delivers amazing. It is smaller than the Aud 5 but delivers crisp sound with a deep base from its full-range active drivers. This iPhone 6 speaker dock is also the cheapest one to have a very nice sound comparable to the Bose speakers.

1. iHome iPL8BN

iHome iPL8BN

The iHome iPL8BN is an iPhone 6 speaker dock with an alarm clock. The iPhone can be docked at the top and there is an LED clock at the front. The speakers are made from EXB Expanded Bass and Reson8 technology to deliver great sound. The alarm plays your desired playlist and charges your iPhone or iPod.

These were the best iPhone 6 speaker dock from Amazon that can be purchased online. Speaker docks are not so popular now because of the availability of Bluetooth speakers and Apple AirPlay, but they are still available and are very useful.

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