Top 5 Apps Like Snapchat – Best Snapchat Alternatives Worth Trying

Snapchat is the most popular picture sharing app among teenagers and avid users of social media alike. You can chat with people by sending pictures, vertical videos and stickers. It is also a great app for following celebrities and other famous people. Snapchat deletes all snaps which are seen by the receiver or deletes them within 48 hours from the story of a user. If you are looking for Snapchat alternatives, here we have listed top 5 famous apps like Snapchat you can try for free.

People are really concerned if Snapchat really deletes their snaps and if their privacy is really secured or not. That’s why we present you some best apps like Snapchat which are worth trying if you want to stop using Snapchat.  Earlier we have listed EverNote alternatives and SSH client PuTTY alternative for Windows Operating Systems.

Here are Top 5 Apps Like Snapchat for iOS and Android

1) Yovo

yovo app line snapchatYovo is a very good alternative to Snapchat and has many features similar to it. Yovo may not have many users at the moment, but it has one feature which makes it a worthy Snapchat alternative. Yovo has a technology called “D-Fence” which make impossible to take screenshots of other people’s snaps whereas in Snapchat, when you take a screenshot of other people’s stories, the other person gets a notification of that screenshot.

Yovo makes the screenshot impossible to use since it makes the picture blurry whenever you press the combination of buttons to take a screenshot. Keeping the similar features aside, this feature can help you decide if you want to shift to this app or not. Yovo is available for Android and iOS and it is a similar app like Snapchat.

2) Cyber Dust

Cyber Dust appCyber Dust is another app like Snapchat worth trying. Cyber Dust makes sure that whatever message you sent is deleted after is has been seen. According to the Cyber Dust website, “your messages are protected from screenshots” and “they are heavily encrypted and never touch a hard drive, not even our own”.

These are very nice features of you are looking to do everything like Snapchat but with better encryption and security. You can send messages, pictures and stickers privately and also in groups. Cyber Dust is available for Android and iOS.

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3) Telegram

Telegram app like snapchatTelegram is a very popular app and regarded as the best Snapchat alternative as well as an alternative for WhatsApp. Most of its features are seen in many other apps like text messaging, photo sharing and file sharing. You can communicate with people privately or by making a group and messages are encrypted with an option to destruct them with a timer.

You can send any sort of file to anyone including documents, photos and videos. It may not have many features similar to Snapchat, but Telegram can be used as an all-in-one app. The biggest advantage of Telegram is that it has desktop versions for Windows, Mac and Linux as well as a web version. Telegram is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

4) Wickr

Wickr messanger appWickr is regarded as another app like Snapchat and used by many people. Wickr has also been around for some time now and is available as a private messenger and professional messenger. Wickr is the most secure app with features like Snapchat and the first option for many people. Wicker personal messenger is entirely free and you can send texts, pictures, videos and files to anyone. The biggest advantage is that is also available for Windows, Mac and Linux along with iOS and Android.

5) Slinger

Slinger appSlinger is a new app and a very good Snapchat alternative worth trying. Rather than sending pictures in the story or privately, Slinger can make vertical videos. The interface of Slingshot is pretty simple to use unlike Snapchat which also had an easy interface but was not easy for newer users. Along with just making vertical videos, you can edit them. Slinger is free and currently only available for iOS, an Android version is being developed.

This was a list of the top 5 apps like Snapchat worth trying on your Android or iOS device. Snapchat is very popular but its minimal privacy features are the main reason why people want to move over to other apps similar to it. Hope this list helped you in finding the best alternative to Snapchat app.

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  1. Great list Dinesh. I’m not sure if you’ve used Sling before but it’s also a good a really fun Snapchat alternative as well. Thanks for posting.

  2. Being a Snapchat fan i don’t for its alternatives but few days back i faced “Unfortunately Snapchat has Stopped Working” so i researched about these alternatives and tried telegram. It’s best alternative for snapchat in my opinion.

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