VirtualBox Shared Folders in Ubuntu 10.10 Guest with Windows 7 Host

After released a post on installing VirtualBox guest additions on Ubuntu 10.10, a question asked about shared folders, which I didn’t check that time. It is one of the feature should work after guest additions installation on guest with any host Operating Systems. This is the time to post a small guide shows how to set up VirtualBox shared  folders in Ubuntu 10.10 guest with Windows 7 host or any Windows OS.

Yes, it’s important to transfer data between Linux ubuntu guest and any host OS. As of today, VirtualBox does not support latest Ubuntu 10.10 as guest officially, so installing guest additions is not straight forward. Our earlier post on installing guest additions worked for all users to get more screen resolutions, seamless and full screen mode with mouse integration. Let me show how to use the same packages to setup shared folders and easily transfer data between virtual machine and physical computer.

Follow the Steps to Configure VirtualBox Shared Folders in Ubuntu 10.10 Guest with Windows 7

1) Read this article and install VB guest additions.

2) Go to ‘Shared Folders’ option under virtual machine’s settings. Browse the Windows 7 folder or partition you want to share with Ubuntu 10.10.

Note: Any network between both Operating Systems not required.

VirtualBox Shared Folders in Ubuntu 10.10 GuestNote down the Share Name. ‘Make Permanent’ option if you want all the time.

3) Guest OS will detect this share if guest additions installed and started properly. We have to mount this share inside Ubuntu guest. To do it, create a folder on any location.

I’m creating a folder inside media folder called ‘ windows7share’

sudo mkdir windows7share

VirtualBox Shared Folders in Ubuntu 10.10 Guest4) Now we have to mount the VirtualBox shared folder to above folder with following command.

sudo mount -t vboxsf H_DRIVE /media/windows7share

VirtualBox Shared Folders in Ubuntu 10.10 Guest5) That’s it. It should work without any issues.  I could see the all folders and files from particular Windows 7 partition. Creating files and folders from Ubuntu guest worked well and I can see them from Windows 7 too, because ‘Read Only’ option was not selected.

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6) Once you restart this virtual machine, the above mount will disappear. To make this mount and virtualbox shared folder access permanent,

a) Make sure to select ‘ Make Permanent’ option in step 2.

b) Add the command used in Step 4 to  /etc/init.d/rc.local file, to run the command every time when system starts up.

The original source helped to prepare this guide.

Hope this guide will be helpful to achieve what mentioned in title.  Drop a line if you have any issues on this, I will be happy to assist you. As usual, if this works for you don’t forget a leave a comment.

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  1. Thankyou so much. I just wasted a load of time and patience fannying about with ‘sambagroups’ and windows permissions.
    This solution was so simple!

  2. m trying it every time m getting error no such file or directory?? do we have to change permission fo anythng?? plz provide help. thnks man

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