Why I Prefer Laptops Over Tablets and Convertible Ultra Books

Tablets and ultrabooks have many advantages such as portability, thin, lightweight, 2-in-1 convertible and touch screen over the standard laptops. But, I still feel many people feel comfortable with their laptops. I’m one of the users who still love the laptop than tablets or ultrabooks because of several reasons and purpose.

Yes, the latest ultrabooks and tablets will satisfy most of the home and basic computer users, but still, the people who spend lots of time in front of the laptop for multitasking may prefer laptops. Here are the reasons I found out why laptops are better than tablets.

why laptops are better than tablets

The Reasons Why I Prefer Laptop

1) Upgradable

Some of the laptop hardware can be upgraded than ultrabooks. I have the doubt about whether tablet hardware can be upgraded at any time. Fixing an additional RAM module or larger hard disk or even an SSD disk for a laptop is possible to compare to fancy Ultrabooks and Tablets.

2) More Connectivity Ports

It’s a very important factor for any computer users who highly use a laptop for daily use. Having enough USB, VGA, HDMI or DVI, COM and other ports on your laptop is very ideal rather than keeping separate converters or connectors. Obviously, you can’t have all ports on a laptop. But you must wisely select the correct laptop model which has the required ports for you.

Especially if you are a network or system administrator or a presenter who connect to projectors all the time, and collaborate with others and connect to other devices frequently, then the laptop is the ideal choice. Ultrabooks and Tablets may not have enough ports.

3) LAN Port

Without having a gigabit network port, it is very difficult for high-speed data transfer or video streaming on the network. You will not get this high-speed network performance over the WLAN (Wireless LAN) no matter how you tweak your wireless network setup.

laptop ports

The latest laptops come with USB-C connection that can act as a 1G network port, that can also work well.

4) Keyboard and Usage Comfort

I do not complain about ultrabooks here, but tablets without keyboard will make your life miserable. No matter how experienced you are or how fast you can use the touch screen keyboard, that will not come closer to a physical keyboard on a laptop.

5) Storage and Optical Drives

Laptops have more storage capacity than tablets or ultrabooks. The traditional hard disk is less expensive and simply you can have 2TB storage on your laptop. On the other hand, this type of capacity is very expensive in ultrabooks or tablets which usually come with SSD type storage. Also, storage of laptops can be upgraded easily with less cost.

Do not say that you can life without CD/DVD drive, it’s not possible always. Yes, we are moving towards cloud, solid-state and USB drive storage types, but still, you may need to use your old CD or DVD disks while you are on the move. It’s good to have CD/DVD drive built-in (or at least portable) with your laptop.

6) Less Cost

Ultrabooks and tablets are still expensive. Just for ordinary use or kids education, we do not need to spend more on ultrabooks or tablets. A low configuration laptop is an ideal choice. You could pay less and get a laptop that can give excellent performance. Also, you have to take extra care of these expensive ultrabooks/tablets. The repair cost is very expensive and sometimes not all the devices can be repaired.

7) Multitasking and Performance

Laptops are far better in multitasking and better performance. We can use almost all the applications on a laptop but not on tablets and some of the ultrabooks. If you are a pro computer user who uses high-end applications such as virtualization software, video or photo editing software, then the laptop is the best option to meet your requirements.

8) OS and Software

You must consider the OS which comes with the ultrabooks and tablets. Android, iOS or ChromeOS can’t have your all required software. We can’t download and install all applications on these devices because of OS and platform. In this case, laptops mostly come with a desktop Operating System that can have many software/applications in the market.

9) Computer games

I don’t play much, but my kid can play the majority of the games on my laptop because of the display card, enough RAM and supported Operating System. You may not be able to play many of the PC games on tablets or ultrabooks.

These are some of the reasons why I prefer laptops over the tablets and ultrabook. Also, my work is related to IT that heavy depended on a powerful laptop that has enough ports.

What is your opinion? Do you prefer a laptop or a tablet?

Dinesh is the founder of Sysprobs and written more than 400 articles. Enthusiast in Microsoft and cloud technologies with more than 15 years of IT experience.

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  1. The main advantage I can see for the tablet is to avoid having to deal with this insanely bad Microsoft software. There ability to make simple tasks more complex with each upgrade is astounding

    If it wasn’t for the wonderful pointers provided by websites such as your own I would get rid of my home laptop.

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