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Welcome to Sysprobs, your go-to blog for fixing system problems. Since our inception in 2007, we’ve published hundreds of practical how-to guides alongside insightful product reviews. Our journey, fueled by passion and expertise, continues to evolve.

At Sysprobs, we believe in simplicity and clarity. Our easy-to-understand technical guides have resolved countless system issues for millions of readers globally. We focus on presenting solutions in a straightforward manner, complemented by helpful screenshots. This approach ensures our content is accessible, even for those who might find technical jargon challenging.

From humble beginnings, Sysprobs has grown into a trusted and resource-rich blog. We cover various topics, including Windows client OS, servers, and virtualization technologies like VMware and VirtualBox. We aim to cater to both system administrators and home users seeking to broaden their knowledge in computer system management. Additionally, our buyer’s guides have been instrumental in helping users select the most suitable IT and computer models for their specific needs.

Dinesh founded Sysprobs, a technology enthusiast and Senior IT Infrastructure specialist holding several technology certifications. He started writing and sharing the knowledge he gained in the last 20 years through this blog.

The Journey of Dinesh and Sysprobs

Back in the early days, finding a one-stop solution for tech problems was a real challenge. You had to piece together bits of information and rely heavily on personal experiences. That’s what inspired me to start Sysprobs – a platform where I began documenting my discoveries, solutions, and the inevitable trial and error I encountered. Over time, Sysprobs evolved into a leading how-to tech guide, focusing on Windows client and server operating systems, as well as virtualization technologies. Our articles have since helped millions worldwide.

My career journey began as a System Administrator, eventually progressing through roles like Network Administrator, IT Support Supervisor, and finally, Senior IT Infrastructure Specialist. Each role offered me a unique perspective on various technologies, from Windows clients and Server OS to application servers (Like Exchange & Hyper-V) and hardware for servers, desktops, and laptops. I also manage Office 365 environments, including hybrid setups and Azure cloud infrastructures. These experiences enriched my professional life and provided a solid foundation for the content on Sysprobs, which is filled with real-world examples and practical demonstrations.

I hold several administration certifications in Azure Infrastructure and Google, ensuring that I stay abreast of the latest technology trends in my field. This continuous learning process supports my professional demands and enriches the knowledge I share on my blog.

Sysprobs began as a solo project, but over time, it’s grown into a collaborative effort with several tech enthusiasts and writers joining our team. Our writers bring deep knowledge in their respective fields and are equipped with the necessary gadgets, applications, and operating systems to create authentic, original content, complete with helpful screenshots.

Awards and Mentions

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Our journey has been marked by recognition and milestones. A particularly proud moment for me was being invited by Google Singapore to represent Sysprobs – a significant acknowledgment as the only individual blogger from Sri Lanka.

Sysprobs has also been featured and mentioned on several top tech websites and forums, a testament to the quality and reliability of our solutions. Some of these platforms include:

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The Team

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Dinesh – Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Dinesh has more than 20 years of experience in the IT field. He started his career in assembling and fixing Pentium iii Windows 98 computers. Currently, he is leading the IT infrastructure department in one of the top companies. He started Sysprobs to share his knowledge and the working methods to troubleshoot computer issues. He has written more than 400 technology guides here in Sysprobs. He is the founder of several other blogs as well.


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