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First of all, Thank you very much for reading this post and visiting my blog regularly. I got great support and encouragements from you to run this blog successfully in this year. We are nearing new year 2011, while looking back 2010, it was a fantastic year for me and Sysprobs.

Thanks again for your support and leaving valuable comments and suggestion. This post contains the top ten articles of 2010 in virtualization and Windows 7, which received huge visitors.

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The summary of this post will be a useful round up of 2010 to new users here at

Here are the Top Ten Articles of 2010 at

1) Install Snow Leopard on VirtualBox 3.2

Virtualization This is the top hot post in 2010. It was published only on May 2010, but still became the top post of 2010 with more than 190,000 page views and 256 useful comments.

According to my knowledge this is the first article (working method) published on internet to install and run original snow leopard (Vanilla Kernel) with retail DVD on VirtualBox. Even Lifehacker published a post very similar after this.

2) Install OS X 10.5.5 Leopard on VirtualBox with pre installed image.

This post got the second hit. Again, this is the first method available on internet to run Mac OS X on VirtualBox with pre installed image. You just download the VMDK image, import and run, cool isn’t?. I realized the demand of running Mac OS X on virtual platform with normal Intel or AMD computer from this post and user comments.

The post was published in March 2010 and having more than 180 comments. The main draw back in this method is, it can not be updated to latest 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Without the latest version, users faced difficulties to run the latest software on Mac OS X. So, I decided to experiment and publish a post with latest Snow Leopard on VirtualBox which I mentioned first.

3) Snow Leopard 10.6 on VMware with Pre Installed Image

The Top Ten Articles in 2010 Again this is Mac on Windows series, got third top hits. This is the very simple method to run latest Mac on Intel or AMD PC with VMware. The pre installed VMware VMDK available at the original post. After downloaded, it can be directly imported on to VMware workstation or VM Player to run the latest Snow Leopard.

This post was published in May 2010, and having more than 245 comments. The good thing about this method is, it doesn’t require installation ( it works with pre installed image) and can be upgraded to latest 10.6.5 version without issues.

4) Increase Snow Leopard Virtual Machine Screen Resolution on VirtualBox and VMware

Since both desktop virtualization software do not support Mac OS X as guest officially, setting up screen resolution is a tricky part. This post created to increase and adjust screen resolution of Mac OS X inside virtual software VMware and VirtualBox.

This post also had good hits by referrals from internal and external websites. Published on May 2010 and having more than 130 useful comments and suggestions from users.

5) Snow Leopard 10.6.4 on PC with VirtualBox 3.2.6

sllogo_thumb This is just a follow up and linked post from earlier articles, so it got good hit too. Steps mentioned in this post goes with latest release of Snow leopard and VirtualBox (at that time).

Published in July 2010 and having few useful comments around 45. Again this method works with original installation DVD or ISO on VirtualBox with Windows 7 and can be upgraded too.

6) Enable Virtualization Technology (VT) in BIOS

This post was published on October 2009, but became the sixth hot article at Sysprobs in 2010. The posts I have mentioned in earlier points to run SL on VB mainly depends on Hardware Virtualization Technology on your physical computer BIOS. So, internal linking and Google brought good traffic to this article in 2010.

7) How to Fix Windows 7 Slowness

desktop Virtualization software Published in December 2009, had a good hit in 2010 after Windows 7 release officially.

I used the methods which helped me to fix  network slow and access issues on Windows 7 beta and Windows Vista. This post is having six points which definitely improves the performance of Windows 7 network when it is used in mixed environment.

8.) Leopard on VMware Player with Pre installed Image

Again, this is the very similar post with pre installed image to run Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) on PC with VMware. Published in January 2010 and became the 8th hot article in 2010.

The main advantage on this method is, it doesn’t require Hardware Virtualization Technology (VT) on host computer. So, old type of computers without VT can use this method to run Mac OS X. The disadvantage is, it can not upgraded to latest version Snow Leopard 10.6.

9) Leopard on VMware Workstation with Pre installed Image

desktop virtualization software This is the very first post I published on Mac on Windows series.

Published in August 2009, but still brought good traffic of 2010 and became the hot topic.

This methods is very similar to earlier point.

Having more than 100 useful comments.

10) Enable Windows 7 Ping Response in Firewall

Another hot topic in Windows 7 which got good hits on 2010. By default responding to ping (ICMP packets) command is blocked in Windows 7 firewall. Its not easy as how we enabled on Windows XP. So, I have published this post with each steps involved in enabling ping reply on Windows 7.

That’s it, the above top ten articles brought success to Sysprobs in 2010. There are few most trending latest articles available too.

I have several plans to be implemented in 2011 to make this blog much better with quality and unique contents with multi author support.

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