Best Freelance Marketplace Platforms in 2021

Graphics Design

People have been doing freelance jobs for years, and the tendency for this type of employment is still popular. Due to the pandemic, a significant number of people worldwide started their first freelance jobs. Moreover, the freelance industry is considered to grow, so building a …

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Top 7 FreeNas Alternative For Your PC

FreeNas Alternative

Commercial products are not always the right option. Many times, free & open-source alternatives are better compared to their paid counterparts. One such platform that we will talk about in this article is the FreeNas alternative. FreeNAS is a free platform that helps to set …

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Intel Optane Memory vs RAM

Intel Optane Memory

With the advent of new technology in today’s day and date, every device released in the digital market today is looked at for one feature as one of the primaries by the general consumer forum- the memory of the device. The memory of any device …

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