10 Best Security Extensions for Chrome – Must-Know List

Internet privacy is a hot topic that receives the most attention as big tech corporations and even national governments worldwide store and collect massive amounts of data. 

So, to protect big organizations and governments from this, we have compiled a list of the best Chrome security extensions that can help protect your internet activities from those prying eyes. 

We all know that Google Chrome is the most well-known web browser in the world, making it simple for everybody to use this browser with a clean user interface, quick browsing, and fantastic security features. However, Chrome’s real power is its vast collection of security and other extensions.

Best Chrome Security Extensions

Chrome is the most popular browser on the internet. But it may not be the safest browser out there. Malicious extensions can steal identities, access passwords, or worse, have access to personal data.

There are a lot of Chrome security extensions in the Chrome store that are supposed to increase your browsing privacy by hiding passwords, blocking ads and malicious websites, and a lot more. But not all of them are worth it.

Some extensions have features that don’t work as intended, which may cause more harm than good. So it would be best if you were careful before installing an extension that promises you the world with its features.

You will find almost all extensions from the Chrome web store that can improve your online web browsing experience. However, selecting the best security extension will be tough, so I have handpicked the top 10 best Chrome Security Extensions for you in today’s post. Without wasting any time, let us start.

10 Best Security Extensions for Chrome Browser

1. Adblock Plus 

Adblock Plus

AdBlock is a wonderful Chrome extension that will block ads, remove them from Chrome, and provide protection from third-party trackers. With over 60 million active users, AdBlock is the most trusted ad-blocking Chrome security extension available. 

People worldwide use AdBlock to block ads, improve page load speed, and help protect their online privacy. The reason is that the AdBlock Chrome extension is easy to use, totally customizable, and dramatically enhances your internet experience.

Adblock Plus features include:

  • Good ad filters
  • The extension icon is useful in providing a lot of information.
  • The popular ad-blocker options 
  • It has a right-click menu that blocks any element of any page.
  • Best for blocking pop-unders, pop-ups, and malware
  • Blocks Facebook and YouTube ads, too.

2. Click&Clean


If you are among those very particular about clearing the cache & browser history every week, Click&Clean makes this task a bit quicker for you.

Click&Clean is the private data cleaner that lets you clean up your device browsing data with one click. Being the top-rated extension of Chrome, do not waste any time and download it as soon as possible.

Click&Clean features include:

  • Scan your computer for viruses 
  • Remove your browsing history and download your history. 
  • Erase any temporary files 
  • Clear cache and cookies
  • Delete client-side SQL Databases

3. Avast Online Security

Avast Online Security

Third on the list is Avast Online Security, and it is the top antivirus Chrome security extension. The extension warns users if they’re visiting any fake or if the URL is legitimate. Many times, users enter the wrong domain site by misspelling the letters.

Whereas Google Chrome fails to realize such a mistake and takes the users to a different website that matches the domain name they entered. This extension will auto-correct these mistakes. It means you may avoid landing on the wrong website accidentally.

Today, each website uses a specific type of analytics to track down cookies that follow the user’s activity. Avast Online Security Chrome extension prevents it by running on the community rating system, informing it of websites users find dangerous. This also provides an Avast password extension.

Avast Online Security features include:

  • Sandbox for testing any suspicious files
  • Protection from Internet threats
  • Light impact on the computer 
  • Password manager

4. Ghostery


Done with seeing constant ads when you’re skimming your favorite site? Don’t worry when you have Ghostery Chrome extension with you and scare away those ads for good. Ghostery security Chrome extension does a fantastic job in blocking out trackers who are searching for you, what website you visited, and what websites you will go to next. They will track you, which is why they’re called trackers. Probably, you do not want them to track you anymore.

Ghostery Chrome extension works with no setup, and it is simple to create your account and customize a few things in the way you want. It is also simple to pause, which is very important because most site design elements are falsely identified as social trackers since they are a bit crafty & mimic them.

Ghostery features include:

  • Get rid of clutter
  • Simple to use
  • A powerful tool for security 
  • Easy tool for extra privacy on various devices
  • Improves your website speed

5. Blur


The shopping habits today have completely shifted online, so you must ensure your private information & payments stay secure. Blur will take this stress away from you.

When using the Blur extension, you can do plenty of things to keep your details hack-free, such as making encrypted passwords for the websites, using Masked Cards to protect your online payments, and blocking away tracking from the websites that you visit.

Blur features include:

  • Minimal & intuitive interface
  • Simple to use
  • Syncs & backs up your data automatically
  • Masked Cards function

6. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is one of the most lightweight and popular Chrome extensions designed mainly to help users automatically switch from HTTP mode to secure browsing sessions by HTTPS.

This was made with simplicity in mind; thus, it runs very quietly in your background without even disturbing your internet activity. As it does not need a lot of computer knowledge to start using this tool, even novices can master this whole process with some clicks. This will help to prevent malware from infecting your PC and keep your data and other personal details safe and away from hijackers.

HTTPS Everywhere features include:

  • Invisible functioning
  • Automatic operation
  • Enable & disable individual sites 
  • No configuration required

7. Disconnect


Another Chrome extension that helps avoid internet trackers is ‘Disconnect.’ Companies track their online activities to show you the most relevant online ads. The data that they collect is generally hijacked, modified, bought, and then sold to various marketers on the internet.

Disconnect features include:

  • Blocks tracking scripts to track you
  • Logs blocked requests so that you will see how effective it is
  • Doubles as VPN
  • Free option 

8. uMatrix


Coming to our next Chrome extension, uMatrix is the one for experienced users who want to improve their privacy online. This extension makes use of a point-and-click way to decide on a type of information that can or can’t get downloaded to the device. It helps to decide what kinds of browsers will connect and different other actions.

Although this extension is a little overwhelming initially, it becomes simple to navigate with continuous use. The users can receive the box that may include information about a lot of websites & their offerings about cookies, scripts, images, frames, CSS, or other codes.

The users have a choice to block these codes from getting accessed. For instance, users may use uMatrix to prevent social media use on their devices. It is something that employers generally take advantage of when they want to restrict their employees’ access to work-related activity.

uMatrix features include:

  • uMatrix software is safe to use.
  • Contact support is excellent.
  • uMatrix is free to use

9. Windows Defender

Microsoft Defender Browser Protection

Microsoft offers real-time security protection from malicious sites, phishing, and other suspicious actions through its Chrome extension, Windows Defender.

You get total safety in falling victim to such phishing links that, if clicked over, something unwanted begins downloading on your device without your approval. Certain downloads are very harmful software that will damage your computer & uncover sensitive details stored. Defender is one of the trusted and essential Chrome extensions alert to have with the red signal when you unknowingly access a malicious website. Moreover, it keeps you safe from phishing emails & other attacks online.

Windows Defender features include:

  • Defender comes preinstalled
  • Unobtrusive & has easy UI 
  • It doesn’t cost you a single cent 
  • Better protection

10. Nordpass


NordPass is one excellent Chrome extension that makes it simple to import & store your passwords safely. It comes with plenty of security features, but there are some limitations to its free version. NordPass provides extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

The service maintains mobile applications for iOS and Android. NordPass provides desktop clients for macOS, Windows, and Linux systems.

NordPass features include:

  • Password sharing options
  • Amazing interfaces
  • Data breach scanner & actionable password report
  • Audited
  • Supports app-based authentication

Wrap Up 

Before you surf the internet, always be careful that the security awareness goes above by adding Chrome extensions. We hope our above list of best security extensions for Chrome browsers helps select the right one based on your needs and internet browsing behavior.

It is always good to look over what will benefit you. You have to use what they need to offer completely. With these extensions integrated into your browser toolbar, you will be secure and productive and create an improved browsing experience!


Is Chrome extension dangerous?

Most of the time, these Chrome extensions are trusted, but there are certain instances of these extensions posing security issues. 

How do I update the Chrome extension?

Extensions will be updated automatically, so you do not have to update them regularly, or you can click on the “update” button and force the extension to update.

How can I add a Chrome extension?

It is simple to add the Chrome extension just by visiting the chrome google extension at chrome.google.com/webstore/.

If any of the above solutions did not fix the Windows PC issues, we recommend downloading the below PC repair tool to identify and solve any PC Issues.

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