Top Alternatives to Microsoft Publisher for Mac in 2022

Microsoft Publisher is a publishing application that was introduced by Microsoft in 1991 and is included in higher-end editions of Microsoft Office. It is different from Microsoft Word and the emphasis is placed on page layout and design. Like some of the Microsoft products, MS Publisher for Mac doesn’t exist, but the following are some of the best professional alternatives.

Some of the below tools are available for free and paid versions. They are suitable to create all types of Desktop Publishing materials on your Mac. It does the same job the MS Publisher does in Windows OS.

8 Top Alternative Apps to MS Publisher for Mac (macOS)

1) Pages

Pages is a word processing and desktop publishing application that was introduced by Apple in 2005 and is part of Apple’s iWork productivity suite. It allows users to create anything that’s possible with Microsoft Publisher and offers a large variety of professional-looking templates and layouts.

The Pages app is considered one of the best alternatives for Mac users. Pages is compatible with Mac OS X and Apple iOS. Users don’t have to purchase the entire iWork productivity suite to get Pages, it can be purchased from the Mac App Store.

pages another publisher for mac

Pages include different features, and even the versions get upgraded quite often for improved performances.


  • Make stunning documents
  • Easy to write reports 
  • Play Youtube & Vimeo videos

2) Swift Publisher

Swift Publisher is also a page layout and desktop publishing application that was developed by Belight Software and introduced in 2012. It can do more of the designing and publishing parts. It has a very user-friendly interface and doesn’t require a lot of learning. Just like Pages, Swift also offers a large variety of professional-looking templates.

Swift Publisher is connected with iPhoto and it can export documents in different formats, including PDF, JPEG, EPS, and TIFF. Also, it offers tons of advanced page layout techniques and design tools including gradient fills, shadows and image tiling. With its easy to use interface and a large variety of templates, Swift Publisher is one of the best options for Mac users and is available on Mac App Store for around $19.99.

Swift Publisher is yet another most impressive and user-friendly desktop publishing app that is available for Mac and the best alternative to MS publisher for beginners.


  • Range of professional templates
  • Personalized text styles
  • Wide Design Toolkit

3) iStudio Publisher

iStudio Publisher is also a page layout and desktop publishing application that was developed by iStudio Software Limited and introduced in 2009 as an alternative to Microsoft Publisher for macOS users. iStudio Publisher is a simple yet powerful application and produces very professional results. With the application, users also get video tutorials and a Quick Start Guide which makes it very easy to understand.

It supports many different formats including AI, BMP, PDF, and PSD. With its simple user interface and professional results, any user can try the iStudio for their professional or education requirements. The latest version of iStudio Publisher can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

This app offers a 30-day free trial with no watermarks and complete functionality! Even when the trial expires, documents that you have made during your trial period will be available to view.


  • Extensive pre-designed shapes
  • Horizontally & vertically scale text
  • Graphic ToolsLayout

4) Scribus

Scribus is another page layout and desktop publishing application that was developed by The Scribus Team in 2003. It is released under General Public License and is available for Microsoft Windows and macOS as a free application.

It is a powerful professional application, which can compete with the likes of Microsoft Publisher and Pages. Even though the installation procedure is tricky as the users need to install additional components, Scribus is still one of the top options in this scenario.

Scribus provides stunning color management and gives you complete control of the conversion & color display. It also comes with over 200 color palettes. 


  • Cross-platform
  • CYMK support
  • Best PDF export function

Honorable Mentions:

5) Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Suite

Adobe leade the market when it comes to desktop publishing and designing. The Creative Cloud suite has the all tools that can work as an MS Publisher alternative in Mac, in fact, these tools are much better than Publisher. If you are a professional designer or looking for a new career in this path, getting the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is the best option.

This software is for the artist who has specialization in graphic designing, photography, video editing, and 3D graphics with a powerful portfolio of more than 30 apps to grasp their creative style.


  • Content-Aware Fill removes unwanted objects 
  • Character animator extensions
  • Add a variety of visual

6) Lucidpress

It is an online-based publishing software. You should be able to use it on the Mac with any web browser easily. An extremely user-friendly tool with simple layout and navigation options. A simple drag and drop feature is available to make the designing and publishing interesting on Mac.

With an easy template format, an artist can instantly start designing their desktop publications by signing using the current email id.


  • Digital publishing links
  • Accessible content
  • Drag-n-drop functionality

7. LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw enables you to collaborate in making graphs and diagrams with professional finesse. Though it is not any diagramming app, the toolset offered can be used to make different diagrams. With fantastic support for the page sizes of over 300cm to 300cm makes this software an ideal choice for an artist to create different types of graphic files, technical drawings, ad posters, flowcharts infographics and anything they want.


  • Attractive presentation templates
  • NotebookBar UI 
  • Higher compatibility

8. Oracle BI Publisher

Oracle BI Publisher is an impressive enterprise reporting tool. The software helps to divide the data extraction from its report layout that allows users to create and design their report templates with the common desktop apps of Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word, just by rendering XML data on the templates.


  • Meet Business Requirements
  • Pure Java application
  • Comes pre-integrated with Oracle

Frequently Asked Questions about Publisher for Mac

Is MS Publisher Accessible For Mac?

As per the Microsoft website, MS Publisher is made available for only PC. However, that must not discourage you from using this program. After all, the main value proposition of Mac computers has been plenty of designer-oriented programs.

There are many alternatives for Mac, and they are more focused and intuitive to get the best results. Find the list of the top 8 alternatives for Microsoft Publisher here:

Is it possible to run MS Publisher on Mac?  

Yes, you can run MS Publisher on Mac if you install Windows on your Mac machine with the help of any virtual environment.

Why you will not find any MS publisher on Mac?

Because Microsoft does not release Windows applications on Mac, other Microsoft Publisher besides MS Publisher like Project and Access is not available too!

Are there any alternatives to MS Publisher on Mac?

Yes, you will find many desktop publishing alternatives that you can use on Microsoft Publisher. Whereas the Mac machine comes with basic publishing programs like Pages, you can find other alternatives that provide a powerful publishing platform, which can work on PC & OS both.

How can I open a .pub file?

One simple way is exporting your Publisher file in PDF format. In case, the option is not made available; then you can use a file converter online service like Zamzar that will help to convert Publisher files to Word files or PDFs.

Final Words 

Thus, you can find quite a few MS Publisher alternatives for beginners, intermediate, as well as professional designers. Make sure you choose the right one as per your needs. With the above list of top 8 alternatives to Microsoft Publisher for Mac in 2022, you can find the right alternative as per your skill level.

Almost all the alternatives come with a sleek user interface & highly-precision programs that will allow you to create and modify your publications without any steep technical knowledge and expertise.

Dinesh is the founder of Sysprobs and written more than 400 articles. Enthusiast in Microsoft and cloud technologies with more than 15 years of IT experience.

2 thoughts on “Top Alternatives to Microsoft Publisher for Mac in 2022”

  1. Swift Publisher is the best I have tried. Swift is about twenty bucks but worth it. Scribus seems to have a deep learning curve and I just about get it then it starts crashing all the time so if I use it on Mac. I save it every time I add or adjust something which is a pain. iStudio publisher is good too but I think Swift is a little better. Just my opinion though. I tend to make forms and like magazines or instructionals that I want to print which Swift is better at, iStudio is more for advertisements and flyers, more something you would send to someone else to print. All three of them are good at what they do. I haven’t had any trouble with Scribus on Linux or Windows


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