Top 10 Sites Like BackPage in 2023 – Alternative Sites

If you are looking for the sites like BackPage in 2023, you are at the right place to find them. Every site has unique features that meet your requirements to act as BackPage alternatives.

Backpage was an online classified advertising platform that started in 2004 in the US. This website was a platform to post new job requirements, events, property listings, and more.

Unfortunately, it also became famous for adult ads posted on the website, which led to its closure by the United States Department of Justice in April 2018.

The closing of the Backpage was the adult ads section, which was used to post listings related to human trafficking and prostitution of children in different subcategories.

When in April 2018, Backpage was closed, the users started looking for an alternative to the Backpage website. In this post, we will talk about legit sites which offer a similar catalog of classified ads.

List of 10 Sites Like Backpage

1) Craigslist:

Craigslist is one of the top alternatives to Backpage and is used for a wide range of classified ads. This site offers services in various sub-continent like the US, Canada, Asia/Pacific/Middle East/Oceania/Latin America/Africa.

To start using this platform, end-users need to select their region, followed by State and City from the list. And they can see all the ads posted in that region.

Craiglist - Sites Like BackPage

After selecting the region, the site will show categories divided by subcategories and filters to select appropriate criteria for the best result.  

Craigslist offers many subcategories like Backpage and is used to provide a section for personalized ads. The customized ad section was closed back in 2018 by Craigslist because it gained popularity in adult ads.

2. Facebook:

In the early days of Facebook, it was just another social media platform, but now it has grown and transformed into a completely new space.

Facebook now acts as an alternative to Backpage by offering different sections to post classified ads, requirements, or demands.

Facebook Marketplace

For example, users can post their requirements on their Facebook wall, which will then be used by the prospective interested party to connect.

Another way is to post the requirement on certain groups where like-minded users can interact, offer their service, or take one.

Being the world’s number one social media platform attracts lots of users; hence cannot be ignored. 

3. Gumtree:

Gumtree is an online classified advertising and community website based in the UK. Gumtree started in 2000, intending to provide a robust experience in classified ads for end users.

A site like Gumtree offers ads in many verticals like jobs, property-related, pets, car/bike & their accessories, appliances, PCs, and other services like tuition classes, health, and beauty. 

A community category allows an individual user to connect with like-minded people from different tastes and cultures.

4. Offerup:

Offerup is an excellent substitute for Backpage, as it offers features like buy, sell & offer up.

Started in 2011, it provides a wide range of options to access the platform, i.e., via desktop, mobile, and app-iOS and android.


It also offers a chrome-based add-on that an end-user can use to quickly snap a photo of the item and post on OfferUp.

OfferUp offers a great UI; selecting is easy and helps end-users get up and running quickly. It acts as a great local marketplace that competes with big players in the market, like eBay, Facebook, Craigslist, and more.

5. ClassifiedAds:

ClassifiedAds offers a vast list of categories to post classified ads. It provides various categories such as jobs, vehicles, pets, and services. 

Posting a new ad on this platform is free, and it can be mapped to appropriate subcategories and demographics to make the ad reachable to the correct set of audiences.

The most popular regions in which ClassifiedAds are famous are the US, Canada, Australia, India, Mexico, and the UK.

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6. Locanto:

Locanto is another excellent site on the list, which initially started in Germany and is now available in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Due to the large user base present on this platform, it is easy to post and get prospective buyers for the item quicker and more conveniently.

Locanto - alternatives to Backpage

Locanto allows categories to post ads in automobiles, jobs, fashion, multimedia & electronics, baby and kids, personal ads, and more.

The subcategory on Locanto is spread across many other verticals, which makes navigating and finding appropriate items easy and convenient.

For example, the baby and kids’ section is broken into kids’ stuff, and divided further into bottles, playmates, rockers, walkers, etc. It also offers keyword tags that one can use to access all related content that matches that keyword.

7. Oodle:

Oodle works in varied ways when compared with other platforms. It aggregates advertisements from different channels like eBay, ForRent, Gumtree, and more.

The categories it offers are Vehicle, Rental property, Jobs, Pets, Services, Personals, Tickets, and Community.

Oodle is famous in countries like India, Ireland, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Canada.  

8. Hoobly:

Hoobly is another site like Backpage, which offers a wide range of category to post ads.

Hoobly is mostly famous for its pet supplies. i.e., people who want to buy or sell pet supplies prefer Hoobly over other classified ads platforms.

It offers a wide range of pet animals for adoption, like dogs, puppies, rabbits, cats, etc.

Other sections are also available in Hoobly, like real estate, jobs, vehicles, and others.

9. Geebo:

Here is another site that allows end-user to post ads in different verticals like merchandise, employment, rentals, real estate, construction, farm equipment, vehicles, and services.

Geebo started in the US and offered services to more than 3 million visitors. It provides a unique yet straightforward user interface, which makes navigating the site easy and convenient.


Geebo jobs section allows users to upload their resume, which connects to prospective employers, who will then connect with the user for the selection process. 

The employer must register on this platform to access prospective candidates’ resumes and connect for further rounds. It is a paid listing where-in employers can pay for the time they need access to the portal.  The pricing varies based on access for 1,3, or 6-month tenure for $299,799.

10. FreeAdsTime:  

FreeAdsTime is an alternative site that offers a wide range of categories to post ads. The interface is like Backpage & offers easy to post new ads without registering as a guest user.

Services of FreeAdsTime is spread across many cities and thus offers easy-to-connect with local buyer or seller in a short period. One should not miss this platform to post free classified ads.

We hope the above 10 sites, like BackPage, can serve your purpose. Here are some more alternative websites you can check.

Apart from these 10, there are other sites like:










These sites are equally popular in different verticals that one can also consider. 

Please let us know your favorite Backpage alternative website and which feature you like the most in it in the comment section below.   

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