The Best Android Emulator For PC, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Started development with Android and looking for the best Android emulators for PC? You have landed the right place because in this article we will be wiring you with some of the paramount and best emulators for PC which run for Windows OS, especially the newly rolled out Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Android emulator is probably the single most importunate tool to have with you if you are looking for some hardcore development and coding sessions because a developer needs to test and run the code before actually making a migration decision to the phone. Not everyone has an Android phone or let’s says you are developing an app for some older version of Android which is not supported in most of the phones so emulators are the best choice to give a spin. So let’s start exploring what are the best Android emulators for PC.

Best Android Emulator For Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 PC


Bluestacks is probably the best and authoritative android emulator for Windows users because of the easy interface, elevated productivity and colossal back end support for a variety of Android flavors. You just have to make a onetime configuration with Bluestacks and your device will be ready to push any apps to this nifty tool. The amazing thing is that the user interface is more aesthetically pleasing for Windows 8 with the touch interface support. You can search for the related apps from the Play Store on the fly and perform variety of functions. According to Microsoft, Bluestacks is perfectly compatible with Windows 8.1 but we have experienced some issues after the Windows 8.1 Upgrade.

best android emulator for Windows 8.1 PC

Download Bluestacks

You Wave

Next on our list of best Android emulators for PC is You Wave, which is yet another nifty addition in the huge list of Android emulators offered around the world. It’s not free and asks for a pocket lax but the good thing is that it offers a free ten days trial to test the gears before actual buying decision. A full Android front end and back end support, augmented swift performance with absolutely no lags are some of the pronounced features of this tool.

best android emulator for Windows 8 PC

Download You Wave


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Next amongst the best Android emulators for PC is GenyMotion, which was previously known as Android VM. It has been revamped to support rich user interface instead of just hardcore development so beginners can now feel comfortable with the awesome emulator.

best android emulator for PC

Its best choice for the app development related to location based GPS related systems, hardware controlling, systems level programming. It has a built in command line feature through which you can access the virtual box upon which this emulator is actually relayed, which gives the develop a much enhanced control, a key behind the good app development

Download GenyMotion


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  2. In my opinion, BlueStacks is the best Android emulator available for Windows and Mac. I have personally used it, and have been using WhatsApp and other cool Android apps on my computer with the help of this emulator. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful list of some of the best Android emulators.

      • hi kinibini34,
        i think bluestack is a good android emulator but it’s not the only one android emulator
        you can try this links there are some alternative android emulators that helps me lot and for sure it will helps you 😀
        run android emulator on windows or click here

        thanks hope it help

  3. Bluestacks is the best emulator for andriod experience for computer .
    Bluestacks tool is also available for andriod game on Tv ( game pop ) .
    A thousand of game s & andriod app is also present . great experience with bluestacks

  4. wrt Bluestacks
    after upgrading to windows 8.1 lot of issues with downloading new and upgrading axisting apps.
    error retreiving information from the server [RPC:S-7:AEC-7].

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