10 Best Hamachi Alternatives for Virtual LAN Gaming in 2021

In the emerging world towards globalization and attaining a superior degree of digitized environment, the internet has become an inevitable part of our living and VPN is marking a point of astonishment in today’s era.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and creates anonymous online privacy creating a private network from a public internet connection. Now you may be wondering about how it is possible? Right! Well, the methodology behind this is really simple, that is, it masks the Internet Protocol address (which is commonly abbreviated as IP) to make the online actions completely untraceable.

Let us understand this whole scenario with a single and most relatable example of online gaming. Multiplayer gaming adds a crazy fun to entertainment, with all your friends playing the same game at the same time while talking over the microphone, having a great time beating each other or working as a strong team together. Now let us shift to some decades back in the past and imagine yourselves in a room full of computers and all your gaming buddies fighting each other with your keyboards.

Best Hamachi Alternatives For Virtual LAN Gaming

But what if you want to enjoy the same LAN gaming experience from your home, and your friends sitting at remote locations. So this is what the VPNs have turned to reality from your imagination.

LogMeIn Hamachi has established a renowned position in VPN tools. It simply enables the user to create a direct connection between remotely placed computers. A VPN created within Hamachi encrypts data transmission between remote computers as well as on the individual machines. However, these networks come with a variety of other benefits, like, a user can access one of the remote computers to print something at their present location from that remote machine. Sounds amazing, Right!

Now let us ponder over some better alternatives of Hamachi, as it has come with its own set of limitations of not providing anything other than a virtual LAN. Some of the prominently used VPN tools are as follows:

List of Best Hamachi Alternatives for Virtual LAN Gaming

1. Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN

If the thought of security with good connection speed in the most user-friendly manner arises, then one can only think of Radmin as a feasible option. It allows a secure computer connection behind the firewalls. It is best suited for gaming as it doesn’t limit the number of users over the network and gives an alluring experience to the gamers.

It can stretch itself to a connection speed of 100MBPS with a secure VPN tunnel. It limits itself by being able to run on only Windows 10 Operating System. Its setup is very easy and would not cost you a single penny.

2. Evolve VPN (Player.me)

Evolve VPN (Player Me)

If someone is looking for a program that carries more features than just giving you Virtual LAN gaming, then should directly choose Evolve. It supports almost all the popular LAN games along with party mode and matchmaking features. It is having a seamless interface so that one doesn’t have any problem to figure the different functionalities.

It even supports live game streaming. Evolve was permanently shut down on the 11th of November, 2018, but at present, the community has suggested gathering at Player.me. Its price is free, but for a party, it costs $4.00 per month.

3. Game Ranger VPN

Game Ranger VPN

GameRanger is very secure with high stability but doesn’t have as many features. While using this one should be carefree about the interruptions or connection lags.

While other Virtual LAN gaming software use drivers to emulate LAN connection, GameRanger uses its client and has low pings.  It offers fewer features compared to other Hamachi alternatives.

4. P2P VPN


It is quite interesting to know that P2P VPN was developed by a single developer as a project but it carried out too good.  It is an open-source developed with Java. It has a very easy interface with all the basic features. It is free to use. If you find any bug, then there is no way to fix it for the better. It even supports multiple platforms.

5. Wippien VPN

Wippien VPN

It is one of the lightest application to surpass LAN connections. Wippien is the best alternative to Hamachi if one wants to play games and is 2MB in size. It connects PCs with a P2P association and it is even Open Source hence it a free. To start with Wippien first one has to create an account to begin the process but for Jabber and Gmail IDs this won’t work.

6. Zero Tier VPN

Zero Tier VPN

ZeroTier has less restriction on this app also it supports almost all operating systems. It has its own Android and iOS mobile applications. It not just offers VPN services but also provides SDN. The community of ZeroTier is very huge that if you ever get stuck with your app or the LAN party, then a community will always be able to help you out.

It comes with 2 price offerings of basic and professional, with a basic plan of $29 per month and $100 per month.

7. Soft Ether VPN

Soft Ether VPN

SoftEther VPN stands for Software Ethernet and is one of the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use multi-protocol VPN software. It easily runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, and Solaris. SoftEther has a strong protocol of SSL-VPN-tunneling on all the HTTPS  to penetrate any kind of firewall.

One needs to have a sound technical knowledge to work on it. This is free to use and doesn’t have any kind of restrictions on the users.

8. Free LAN VPN


It is exclusively a free, open-source, multi-platform, highly-configurable, and peer-to-peer VPN software that can easily connect remote hosts. Its main motto is to attain high performance and unbeatable security. Freelan works on top of UDP and implements a simple yet pretty secure VPN protocol that can create Ethernet tunnels over both IPv4 and IPv6.

It connects with high speed and almost no single lag while playing games. As the name suggests it comes with zero cost.

9. Net Over Net VPN

Net Over Net VPN

It is a personal virtual private network server for remote access to desktop applications and files getting individual passwords. It has a huge multiplayer match and shares files between the computer, even if someone is far away. Its pricing model is as follows:

  • Free Plan(connectors will be limited to 3, including the host)
  • Basic Plan of $5 per month
  • Premium Plan of $10 per month  

10. Neo Router VPN

Neo Router VPN

This VPN creates private and public servers using only the internet. It is famous for providing a high level of security features. It can even unlock certain websites for its users. When it comes to compatibility, it supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc. you can always access the software through your smartphones too because you also have your Android and Apple support for the app.

It comes at 2 price categories:

  • Free
  • $99 for the Premium version

Comparison Table

VPN ToolCompatibilityPrice
RadminWindows 10Free
P2P VPNWindows, LinuxFree
WippienMac, Windows, LinuxFree
ZeroTierMac, Windows, Linux, BSD, Android, iPhoneFreemium
SoftEtherWindows, Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, and SolarisFree
FreeLANMac, Windows, LinuxFree
NetOverNetMac, Windows, LinuxFreemium
NeoRouterMac, Windows, Linux, BSD, Android, iPhone,iPad, TabletFreemium

Now as we have come to the end and have seen multiple numbers of VPN tools available in the market that gives a good kick to the competition and excelling quality. The final decision of which software to use will only land to users’ choice according to his/ her kind of requirements and use type.

Amy Bros is a young technology enthusiast who always explores and demonstrates new technology skills & products. With 5+ years of experience, she holds several leading IT certificates.

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