Top Battle Royale Games for All Survival Lovers

Relatively recently, the gaming industry was shocked by a new genre for gaming – a survival format for a large group of players, in which you need to find weapons and ammunition, accessories and medicine, grenades and other useful tools.

PUBG started the trend and was quickly picked up by other famous studios, bringing their own ideas and tricks and drawing inspiration from each other.

Let’s take a look at the best ideas that players can enjoy when choosing different battle royale formats.

Battle Royale Games


This is the very first project that received large-scale and resounding success and popularized the battle royale format for other studios and e-sports in general.

This is a survival mode format in a large area, in which 100 fighters will come together in battle, will land unarmed in selected places, and must fight against each other and look for all the necessary equipment, weapons, and vehicles.

The ARMA 2 engine, a prototype of modern military simulators, was taken as the basis for the servers and the physics of object behavior, but in order not to overload players with too much realism, some of the game mechanics were weakened in order to get a mixture of realistic combat battles and at the same time a light arcade game in order to captivate as large a category as possible players.


The most interesting thing is to play PUBG in a group, because this reveals all the tactical aspects and opportunities to cover each other, help recover and use various strategies such as joint assaults, all-round defense, attacking points, and so on.

The esports segment in PUBG is presented in the format of teams of 4 players, which means that 25 full-fledged squads can compete with each other and determine the winner in a series of fierce battles.

Players can repeat a similar format and play either alone or together, three or four times; the gaming system will select matches for you with similar conditions and opponents.

Call of Duty Warzone

There is no fan of military shooters in the gaming industry who have not heard of Call of Duty.

This is a project from the Infinity Ward studio, which is known for its large-scale and cinematic shooters on the theme of the Second World War and modern conflicts, including modeling what it would look like if these countries were at war.

After the resounding success of PUBG, the developers could not stand aside and released their version of the battle royale with a number of improvements.

First of all, the developers speeded up all matches and added dynamics to it, so that players did not spend 40 minutes just collecting resources for full-fledged battles.

In Warzone, there will always be a wide variety of weapons around the player, including full-fledged combat ones, so that players can quickly complete matches and provide themselves with mw3 boosting.

Due to the relatively small maps and the ability to play in groups of up to 3 players, they give the option to play in small groups with different perks and tactical capabilities.

Matches are characterized by high dynamics and the ability to find any weapon in a matter of minutes, as well as resources, and concentrate specifically on battles, and not on survival and finding equipment and medicine.

As your character develops, you will receive money that you can spend on purchasing everything missing for the boosting CoD in special terminals.

Apex Legends

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Apex Legends

A project from EA Games, which repeats the main concept of the battle royale gameplay, but adds its own special feature – the ability to use a system of agents and unique skills as an additional boost to the general mechanics of shooting and collecting resources.

Agents can be divided according to their skills aimed at stealth, attacks across the territory, deceiving enemies, searching and destroying hidden targets, creating medicines and an arsenal, and so on.

All heroes combine well with each other, and in group matches you can assemble interesting squads.

Apex has a system of leagues and divisions, and all players will receive increases and decreases in their rating depending on the results during the match and how close the player managed to get to the title of top 1.

There are a number of agents that will help a beginner better understand the game and fit into any squad:

  • Lifeline is a master of drones and a generator of first aid kits, constantly restores the health of allies and can raise them to their feet with the help of a drone, continuing the battle.
  • Octane – constantly restores his health while he is not in battle and increases his speed by sacrificing part of his health.
  • Bloodhound – can identify any target, even invisible.
  • Wrath – can use elements of stealth to enter or exit battle, establishes points connected to each other on the game map with the possibility of using them by the whole group.
  • Bastion – can activate a protective shield and deal powerful damage to a group of targets in a selected area.


A project from Epic Games that will appeal to all fans of creative gameplay and light, sometimes cartoonish graphics.

Fortnite differs from its competitors in the ability to use construction elements in its gameplay and quickly erect buildings and other elements, which makes it difficult to kill many opponents because experienced players manage to build up before the first bullet flies and this defense still needs to be broken through.

There are also humorous elements in Fortnite, such as a dancing grenade, which stuns and makes all affected characters dance.

In general, this is a fairly interesting and dynamic format, in which there are quite a lot of weapons and ammunition scattered around the area so that players find themselves on an equal footing, but in order to start winning matches you need to master and use the local construction mode.

By the way, it’s not particularly complicated and can be mastered quite quickly, it’s just that many players, in principle, don’t like this kind of gameplay and the dependence on the speed of their movements; instead of a stable choice of skills, not all players are ready to rely on creativity. All you need to do is hold the cursor and quickly press build to build a wall that will protect the hero from damage until it is destroyed or goes beyond its limits.

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